[Seeking Nominations] Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: 気になってる人が男じゃなかった

I know this is annoying but could you please use the exact poll format as in the template for this book club, both to keep consistency between books and because I have a script that relies on the polls to always be the same to work properly


I have Japanese Stories for Language Learners too (got it a couple years ago but never read any of it, whoops), but the 雪女 in it is a different version than the Aozora one. Aside from not using older forms of kanji, it’s also all worded differently. I don’t know if that would be a problem or not, people having different versions. Although I guess with the Aozora being free, it would be a simple matter to check that even if you read a different version


Sorry about that, I didn’t notice the difference! I changed it out now, sorry for the users that had already voted :confused:

Damn I wasn’t aware that there are different versions. I will write it in the Cons in the post.


Can I suggest that you put that audio video link under the availability section? I think it makes a huge difference to be able to listen to the parts that you’re having a hard time getting without furigana. :slight_smile:


Thanks, added that :slight_smile: also added as a plus that you can select the text if you read in a browser, and as a cons that there is no furigana in the free version
In the ABBC-poll we were 9 persons interested in reading the book, so let’s see if there is some interest here, if it’s not the winner we could just read it in an offshot book club :slight_smile:


You have the book version under digital, but it’s got both physical and digital. Also, here’s the Amazon US listing for US users who are interested, as it’ll be cheaper, and that’s the only one that actually has the Kindle version; the JP store only has the physical. The physical copy comes with an audio CD, but the files can also be listened to and/or downloaded for free on their website (which of course is different from the Aozora version, but they can be used for audio practice regardless)


Thanks! I think I’ve added everything where it should be but if I messed it up again or if there are more resources feel free to let me know. Too bad I can’t make the post a wiki :grimacing:


Planning on joining in the next BBC after finishing one ABBC and the second will be nearly finished by the time the current BBC finishes.

I’m hoping it goes ok, I think it should since it’s level 24 on natively which is less than the level 26 the bookworm manga has, and I’m (admittedly slowly) working my way through that one on my own.

I probably won’t be attempting to share full translations in the threads like I’ve been doing with the current ABBC since I’ll be doing the next ABBC (Horimiya) and BBC (and Bookworm) simultaneously.


I am also planning on joining the next BBC after completing two ABBC book clubs (once the current one ends). I will do this at the same time as the ABBC with the goal of exposing myself to some more difficult material. I expect I will struggle but only through struggling can we improve! Best of luck!


Only issue I think is that the next BBC is starting tomorrow, but the current ABBC will last quite a bit more.


I’ll just jump straight in tomorrow and whine in the Week 1 thread the second I start to struggle :slight_smile:


It should be starting July 15 unless there are plans to post the threads early?


Echoing @DIO-Berry , next BBC starts 15 of July - we have a one week break this week


Oh, I thought the last week of the book club already ended last week, my bad.


We’re officially done with the ロジカとラッカセイ ・ Rojica and Rakkasei book club, and I wrote a little post about it. Maybe it’s interesting for you if you’re into stats:

(Also, if you dropped the book club, it would be great if you could select the reason in the anonymous poll on that topic!)


so, regarding nominations -
In the ABBC we proposed moving Slam Dunk to the BBC, we thought it would be more appropriate here as it’s Natively level 25, paper only and doesn’t have complete furigana coverage. That’s a bit hard for ABBC but seems just right for BBC.

It’s an epic manga and I’d love to read it, so I wanted to improve on the existing nomination post when moving it over.

I think putting up some images from the manga spreads would be nice, but I’d need to actually buy it first and take photos. Soooo, before I do that, I thought it might be a good idea to ask people with more experience which edition to buy. There are three:

  • Original 31 volumes Tankoubon (marked ジャンプコミックス )
  • 24 volume Kanzenban (完全) - includes more color spreads and nicer overall but twice the cost (currently) compared with the other options
  • 20 Shinsouban 新装再編版 - some complaints that the thick books are difficult to read and paper too thin

Does anyone know if there is a difference between editions in global availability, or any other insight on what people here might want? Here’s an informal poll. We could also poll should the book be chosen, but I thought this poll and comments might help me at least get going on the nomination.

Which volume of Slam Dunk would you (theoretically) like to buy? (Select up to 2 options)
  • Tankoubon
  • Kanzenban
  • Shinsouban
  • Any of them!
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I was going to suggest whichever version matches the digital edition, but it looks like there is no digital edition!

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If you go with the original people can always choose to upgrade, versus choosing a longer or more expensive edition might exclude some people.


Is there a page up for スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり yet? If yes, I couldn’t find it :sweat_smile:

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It’s in the Book Club subcategory under the Japanese Language category