[Seeking Nominations!] Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: この美術部には問題がある!

Exciting! I already started to trash stuff on floflo last night in anticipation :grin:

I’m planning to pre-learn frequency 5+ words (still have 185 of those, although I haven’t set my WK level or indicated any core knowledge so I am very trash-happy) and then see how I’m going before drilling down to lower frequencies.


I actually can’t remember.
I’ll check when I go home later.

Great, thanks!

Update: yes, that’s the edition we have :slight_smile:

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The book you are referring to is a bit different from the one chosen for the club. They both share the title story, but supplementary stories are different.
In Tsubasa bunko edition there are three short stories: 時の女神 (10 pages), 姉弟 (8 pages) and きつね (5 pages).
In your edition supplementary stories are: 悪夢の真相 (74 pages) and 果てしなき多元宇宙 (40 pages).
The length of the title story in both editions is roughly the same (about 115 pages considering Tsubasa bunko edition has illustrations). I included page counts so you can compare the amount of content in each book.

I don’t know how good are those short stories in Tsubasa bunko edition, but I personally liked 悪夢の真相 very much, maybe even more than the 時をかける少女 itself (just my opinion).


Ah, now that explains a lot, thanks very much for the insight!

Oh I did not realise that at all! Perhaps that has some implications for our pacing, if the short stories would be optional :thinking:

Oh no, I didn’t even realize those were supplementary stories! Why is it so difficult for there to just be a book where all the versions have the same content?!

Are the supplementary stories related to the main story at all (asking about the version you read obviously)? We might just have to limit the book club to the main story to avoid major issues with people having different versions. Or we’ll make it a bonus week since there’s only 16 pages of content (by my count) after the main story for the Tsubasa Bunko version, similar to what we did with Non Non Biyori’s omake.

@everyone Please look at the chapter titles here to make sure you have the right version. The last few are the supplementary stories, so make sure the first several chapters are the same. Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: 耳をすませば - #1970 by seanblue
(P.S. No idea what @ everyone does on Discourse… :thinking:)

It seems to tag the members of the ‘everyone’ group, but I guess there are no members of that ‘group’ in the WK forums :thinking:

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No, they are not related to the main story, just two different stories. Basically the same situation we had in intermediate book club when we read Autumn Prison.

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Okay thanks, good to hear that.

I think it actually has everyone. However, you need to be trust level 4 to be able to send notifications by tagging groups, if I remember correctly.
If I tag @level-45-lifetime, they won’t get a notification, even though I belong to that group.

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Ooooh, I see. That makes more sense too.

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Anyway, I guess 時をかける少女 is going to be a good test, then :stuck_out_tongue:


Eventually I want to read something that uses proper kanji everywhere but only uses furigana sporadically (but not rarely like ご注文はうさぎですか). Something similar to how キノの旅 or ココロコネクト does it (based on the ebook samples).

Honestly, I would have bought the original version of 時をかける少女 (the one you have) if I knew what I was looking for, but it’s so hard to know just by looking on Amazon. (In this case, the picture on Amazon made me think it was the movie or an adaption of the movie, rather than the original book.)

I found out some time ago that this green frame around the title image actually indicates that the book is from a series in which they use furigana for every kanji that appears in the text, all the time. (I just checked in another book from the series that I own, and they did not add furigana to 二, 三 and 十 but to all others I could see).
So if you are more into not-so-furi-heavy texts, then try to avoid the green frame :wink:

I knew that, I just thought it was the only version still being printed. :disappointed:

Oh well. I think focusing on the version with furigana will be better for the beginner book club anyway. If I really want to read the other version (including those side stories) I’ll just buy it again at some point in the future.

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Oh, I see. Well, maybe it is the only version still being printed – I bought this version as an ebook, and I could not find the same version on Amazon in printed form. (Or maybe I was just too stupid to find it…)

Your version corresponds to this one
They have different covers, so that is probably the reason you couldn’t find it. ^^^

Hah, like I said :wink: Thank you!