[Seeking Nominations!] Absolute Beginners Book Club // Currently reading: Prefecture Stories

Not yet! we have less than 5 min to add them!! Quick!!

We only need one voting for deciding a book. The rule of the other book club is when to discontinue unpopular votes, let them be included twice (cause opinions might change)

To be hoenst, I wouldn‘t kick any nomi ation at all. Maybe we can do a vote for the one with the least interest from the bookclub members if it should get kicked.

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I also wanted to add 10分で読めるお話 三年生 as a user suggested, but it’s too late…

If the 10分で読めるお話 二年生 wins, maybe we can talk about the 3rd one…

Agreed, unless we hit 20 nominations (max space in poll) there is no need to remove unpopular nominations yet.

Making full nominations with links, text and images takes a lot of effort, so would be nice to keep them viable for as long as possible.

If we get near 20 we have to remove something, at that point items with little to no votes in at least two polls can be considered for removal

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Cast my vote :slight_smile: looking forward to the result

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There are only four books in the OP under “List of proposed books” right now.

I know I know…

I need to add them… or if someone can help… :roll_eyes:

I can add in my own nominations, just have to be sure no one else is editing, and are we doing the “link to post”? =)

Edit: Oh! I could see someone was actively editing! =D

I was coping in, but it’s a pain in the ass… whatever you feel it’s easier

I think links makes it nice and clean, and lets us access the polls too to see what people voted =)

FlamySerpent is editing though, so I’ll wait


We didn’t even end up removing any yet. I wouldn’t worry about it right now though. It’ll just complicate things.


Exactly. Which is why we reacted to the “unpopular votes will be removed” line, we weren’t ready for it :wink:
(it in the poll comment, just before the poll itself)

I did indeed edit the OP:) I made hyperlinks for nominations (looked up how the Beginner’s club did it :eyes:)


Why are these here? They were part of beginner book club and are already listed there.


Good job! Looks great! =D

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Thanks:3 For future reference - all these % can be removed, so it looks like https://community.wanikani.com/t/34698 (this thread) /post number

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What was the point of voting on the difficulties if you didn’t include the scores anywhere?

:man_shrugging: someone added it…

Well… I’m newly on polls… I though I could edit it later :sweat: