[Seeking Nominations!] Absolute Beginners Book Club // Currently reading: Prefecture Stories

Thanks for the heads up! I still have three active nominations there! One which is somewhat popular, but just a few from the top every time =P (scary lessons) It’s the most popular book! =D
The other two needs my votes to not have zero more or less XD


Reading Zenitendou has made me want to try out Scary Lessons much more than I did before! Not sure I want to tackle it straight away though - somehow it never seems to be the ‘right’ time for it D:

I wouldn’t mind a nice simple managa and then Scary Lessons :wink:

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I’m gonna do this today then:3 Probably a bit closer to the evening, I think


Isn’t it the fluffiest! It’s such a feel-good and simple (as in everyday speech) manga that it’s impossible for people to want to drop out partway through

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I don’t check this thread often enough, so missed the whole discussion leading up to the poll for how the book club should continue. I honestly think the fairest thing to do would be to alternate between manga and non-manga to keep everyone happy. I love manga so I’m happy to spend my time going through it for the book club too, but I can see how it’s not always the most suitable and proper books or graded readers or whatever might make more sense.

It seems like in the months we have non-manga some of us could move over to the beginners book-club or set up our own separate manga reading for that period. I wasn’t around when the previous manga was being read, but I can say as an absolute beginner I’ve not had too many problems with Chi once I got over the initial ‘errr baby talk help!!!’ in the first chapter. By chapter 2 and especially 3 I was well on my way with it.

Vote for the next book now!

Please see the List of Proposed Books section in the first post for the details for each book. Every book has a difficulty associated with it (based on book club member voting) out of 5, where 1 means “no effort at all” and 5 means “impossible, even with everyone’s help”. The difficulty based on the book club member voting is next to each option in brackets.

We will probably begin next book on 10th August, one week after we finish reading チーズスイートホーム. If a short manga wins first place we will also read the second place option straight afterwards.

The poll will be closed within a week or sooner if voting has dried up. You can choose up to 4 options!

  • 10分で読める物語 二年生 [Book] [2.69]
  • レベル別日本語多読ライブラリ - Ask Publishing Graded Readers - Level 0 Vol. 1 [Book] [1.61]
  • White Rabbit Graded Readers [App-Book] [1.46]
  • 日本昔ばなしアニメ絵本 18冊全巻セット - Japanese Fairy Tales - Set of 18 books [Book] [2.91]
  • Lucky Princess Fairy Tale Collection 福娘童話集 [Book] [3.14]
  • あたしンち [Manga] [3.13]
  • WANTED - Short stories from the creator of One Piece [Manga] [3.36]
  • おじさまと猫 (Old man and cat) [Manga] [no poll:C]
  • にゃんにゃん探偵団おひるね―赤いとびらの家事件の巻 [Book] [3.00]
  • 結婚しても恋してる [Manga] [3.00]
  • Learn Japanese with Stories Volume 1 [Book] [2.5]

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I’m going to be off-line from the middle of August to the middle of September so will miss most of the next book. However, I can join in on my return.

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I’m only voting for one this time around. I really want to read the next にゃんにゃん book!
They are self contained stories, so doesn’t matter if you took part in the one we already read some time ago or not =)
I bought the entire set :durtle_love:
If it doesn’t win this time I just might put a suggestion for the dog one instead, maybe people want it more than the cat :wink:

Go Pussy Detective!!! :rofl:
Yes, that is the official translation! XD


OMG so that’s what it is :joy:


Just wanted to mention that Lucky Princess Fairly Tale Collection isn’t actually a book but you can read stories online. So no one has to pay for it if this one wins …which seems unlikely at the moment… but just so you know :smiley:

Yeah, I wrote that it was a “book” just to tell that it’s kinda book-ish type?:DD :thinking: But thank you:3


Well, if 結婚しても恋してる wins I will probably not participate. Two mangas in a row are enough ^^‘ beside, this manga seems a bit to diffifcult for me and it dosen‘t reqlly interest me. :thinking:

Maybe we can read 10分で読める物語 二年生 at the same time for everybody who don‘t like to read another manga?

If a book doesn’t win this time around I’d quite like to run a Kitty Detectives group in parallel (or perhaps the dog version), because I’m annoyed at myself for not taking part first time around and it seems likely the books will always struggle to win the vote (despite being the inspiration for this group!).

I don’t want to do that if it would be stepping on the toes of this club though.

Personally think that manga looks more on par with BBC difficulty ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But I seem to remember the group who tackled Kitty Detectives found it surprisingly tricky?


What‘s BBC difficulty? :thinking:

Sorry, ‘Beginner Book Club’ - I refer to them in my head as the BBC and the ABC but I forget that nobody else does :sweat_smile:


I‘m suprised, that 結婚しても恋してる is rated 3,0 difficulty wise, while あたしンち received 3,13 while it‘s in my opinion way easier then the former one :man_shrugging: But we will see, who will win the voting.

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I would love that too! They are just so nice =)
The physical copies are just so big and beautiful!
You will have none of this;

The difficulty was in a bit of word play at first, but mostly just cause native writing was harder than we expected I think…

And there are 5 books (2 cat, 3 dogs) So if we do one separately, there are still 3 more :wink:
We can let the group decide which one should be done outside (continue the cat one, which started outside, or did the cat one inspire the group so they want the rest so we do dog instead? )



So the progression is ABC, BBC, IBC :thinking:
We need to rename the Intermediate book club to Complex book club or something. ASAP.


As it is right now with a manga and a book almost tied, what do you/everyone think of starting them both at the same time? About 50% of the votes overlap so some people would have to choose to either read one or both, but that way the people who feel strongly about a “book” book won’t have to wait a few months if a manga wins.


Aw, a wan wan one too! I want it!

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