Seeking help with self discipline

Apologies if this has already been said, but I suggest telling yourself you only have to review like 10 items a day or something ridiculously easy like that. Hopefully then you’ll feel like doing more since you’re already doing them. It’s way harder to convince yourself to get started doing a thing if you think about all that needs to be done, and comparatively much easier to start with the responsibility of only doing a tiny bit and then overdoing your “original” goal because you don’t feel burned out for the day yet. Yeah, maybe you’ll still not get them all done (and there will also be days where you just want to say “yup did my 10” and go play R6 Siege or something), but you’ll probably still get more done than if you’d just dreaded finishing a stack 150 strong and spent your whole evening doing other stuff.

Speaking of R6 Siege (or any other videogame with round-by-round structure/no respawns/longer rounds), if you play that and you’re bad at it like I am, you spend all your dead time waiting on the next round tabbed out doing reviews. I cleared a review backup 500+ strong over 2 or 3 days doing that, although it’s obv not as productive as just sitting down and focusing on doing reviews, no multitasking ever is.


yeah, find joy in learning. self-discipline may seem like a way to go, but unless there is positiveness in the process, it gives opposite results.
keeping it interesting is much more effective.

the only self-discipline here would be this one point: do not ever allow yourself completing reviews/lessons while halfslpeeing. do not repeat others’ mistakes… :sweat_smile:

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