Search for words containing *only* learned Kanji?

Hm, all the books I used tended to have dialogue scenes set in a company. Although yeah, words that are used in the classroom (please open the textbook, question, answer, test…) were also taught quite early on. Not much beyond that though, stuff like dorm that might be relevant for uni students I only learned outside my classes/textbooks (I think).
I don’t work in an office, so a lot of the office words I learned are words I don’t usually use xD But yeah, for most people that’s definitely useful vocabulary.

Ohhh, interesting point about the ‘common’ marker! That’s definitely something I’ll keep in mind. I think there’s also a list that’s based of what’s used online/in social media (at least for kanji), which might be interesting to also look at for reference.

The focus on specific interests might be more of a standout thing on lower levels to speed up being able to understand those things a little bit quicker. Like, all the words you mentioned are words I hadn’t come across in my regular studies yet. In the case of 沸騰 and 茹でる it’s just picking some words from slightly higher levels (N1/2 respectively) while otherwise still being at N4 or something.
And I don’t mean only look up terms related to an interest, all recipes or sports commentaries or whatever are still filled with a lot of “usual” words (wait, run, open…) haha. I’ve been going through some recipes, pick out the words I don’t understand, and add them to my vocab pile, on top of the regular studies ^^