Script to push cards at the end?

Hopefully it’s appropriate to request a userscript here.

I’m desiring a userscript that can push any card that is shown to the back of the deck. Anki has this and I have i bound to swipe up. I get rather behind on my cards due (inactivity due to work that… well I should be better at XD) and I have 500 cards to go through. It would be best for me to get through ALL the fast ones when on the bus and do the hard ones when Im available to write down pen & paper.

As usual, I understand the whole abuse of userscripts can cause harm to the learning process. This script would have a very specialized use of getting back on track. (Having 500 cards due is uninspiring and easy to push off to ‘tomorrow’ if you know what I mean. It’s better to actually just get in there any means nessisary).

I would really appreciate it. Thanks everyone!

I’ve missed being able to do things like this, ever since I migrated from Anki to WK. 

I suspect that you’ll get an answer like “WK doesn’t accommodate this natively, so a add-on that does something like it will have to store vocab locally and re-insert when appropriate. And since radicals and kanji have to be guru’d for you to level up (and unlock new lessons), it won’t be possible to delay them and still level up.”

Or so I conjecture. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a possibly-related note, if you watch the weekly updates, you’ll notice that all they ever mention is “content polishing.” I’ve yet to see anything about the back-end being developed to ever allow features like this.

That reminds me of a quote:
“You know the best thing about having a monopoly (either real or perceived)? You don’t have to pay attention to your paying customers’ requests, and the revenue just keeps coming! bwahahahaha” -Jimmy Businessdouche.

Oh, that Jimmy. I wonder, does he even know if the monopoly is real or perceived? 

This previously requested script might do what you are asking for.

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I downloaded this. The delay button is what I’ve been wanting for a while. Due to my MS I have cognitive issues and what I can remember one minute I can’t necessarily the next. A delay would useful because often I then remember it when I see see it the second time - without the cheating and looking it up part. Looking forward to using.