Script to know how much is left on the current level?


Do you know if there is a script that can show how many items are left in the current level?
For example, I’m trying to do 10 vocabulary words and 5 kanji per day, and at a glance I would like to know if I will be able to complete them at the same time or maybe one of the two category will be finished early, so I can adjust the number of lessons accordingly.
Something like:
0 radicals left
16 kanji left (16 unlocked)
50 vocabulary words left (25 unlocked)

Thanks in advance!

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On your splash page, it shows you the current progress for radicals and kanji for your current level. Vocabulary doesn’t affect your level.

Underneath each of the items, you can see the dash marks that correspond to that items SRS level, apprentice 1 - 4, and when the last check mark is completed, when you reach guru, the last check mark becomes a solid line and you’re done with that item.

At the beginning of each level, you’re given a handful of Radicals and about 25-30 kanji to start with. Once you’ve guru’d a radical, the locked Kanji that corresponds to that radical is released and put into your lesson pool. If you were to crosscheck the progress bar, 27 of 31 kanji passed, against the list of kanji below that, you can see that there are actually 34 kanji. In order to proceed to the next level, you need to complete 90% of that level’s kanji. In this case, guruing 31 kanji would be passing 90% of my total 34 kanji.


I use this: [Userscript] Dashboard Level Progress Indicator 1.0+ - #19 by rwesterhof

This is also helpful to get a better understanding of each levels progress to burn: [Userscript] Enhanced Levels Overview

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