Script that puts reading and meaning right next to one another

I’m looking for a script that reorders the review items in such a way that the reading and meaning of the same item always appear next to each other. I believe it would help with connecting the reading with the meaning. So I search the forums a bit but couldn’t find anything like it. Does anyone know such a script?

This is what you are looking for:

Just enable the 1 on 1 mode.

Yes! Thank you! They didn’t show off that feature directly in the post so I assumed it was just for ordering by level and type.

This might be the right place to finally ask this question, what is the difference between bulk mode and single mode while doing reviews with this script? ive never tested hitting bulk

I don’t know either, sorry. I just use it for the 1 on 1 mode.

sos to anyone who can answer this

What version of the script do you have? I don’t see a bulk mode on v2.1.0.

Bulk mode seems to be the standard way WK quizzes you, so meaning and reading aren’t put together.

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Must be another script: WaniKani Review Order - (Radical/Kanji/Vocab order) Userscript Extension


Nice, always wondered what bulk mode did, but was too lazy to ask or look it up.

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