Script request...The Insult Script


So, what about a script that insults you every time you screw up on a review?? Basically, what I want is a script that brings up an insult from a list of different creative disses that will spice up your review time. For example, if you write たけ instead of たくfor 卓, this imaginary script would say You moron, you messed that same thing up last time. Is that really the best you can do? Pathetic. Or if you wrote to go for 行う, it would be like Everyone and their mother knows how to do this so why don’t you? Your lack of knowledge upsets me.

So, I have no idea how to make scripts, but if any script makers are interested, I feel like this idea could be a lot of fun.

Anyway, if you have any more ideas for insults (like either specific insults, or for example *What if the insults were in Japanese?*とか or ideas about how to make this script) share them. I just thought of this on a whim, but now I really hope it happens.

A cat as compensation for reading this far:



Yes, I do have an idea!

Damn it, nevermind.

I’d use that. Definitely.


…or middle finger gifs…


Who needs positive reinforcement?


Exactly! (and a few more characters to appease the post gods)


Would it monitor how many seconds it takes me to go from “I’m feeling good, going to do some reviews today!” to


In theory, IF someone were to make this thing today, they MIGHT need additional suggestions for insults that people would want. Hypothetically speaking.


A few thoughts…





From another thread, where I asked for insults…

Hopefully more will appear…I will go out and try to gather them… Please make this happen Mr. Jerred, sir.


Oh ho, I’m going to try. Really I’m just waiting for my next review to roll around so I can do some testing :confounded:


This image scares me for some reason.


Also, I didn’t know this was actually a script idea xD


I must be bad at English. First people actually thought I cared if they ate onions…and now people don’t think I am actually requesting a script…


I for some reason didn’t even know you were the OP of this thread. I thought you were just helping the OP xD


Being reminded of my failures scares me


You’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny.

My personal favorite.


忍者の亀だからさ。I can OP in a room full of people without a single one noticing.


Oh yeah? Well, you’re a bad person!


Can you make it tsundere too?
“You made a mistake? W-Wow! Y-You really are a moron! You need to up your game or you’ll never make it! N-N-NOT THAT I CARE! BAKA!!!”


Haha…that sounds fine too to me