[Script request] Yotsugana readings (and perhaps classical Japanese)

Original post

I learnt the other day about yotsugana


and it mentioned in that article that ‘etymologically-correct spellings [are] still permitted.’

Would it be possible for a word reading toggle (or plain aliases) to allow the usage of yotsugana spellings (e.g. 年中 -> ねんぢゅう or 続く -> つづく)? The usage of yotsugana instead of futatsugana(?) feels more natural to me.

In the original thread, it was suggested to me that this would be more suitable as a userscript - so I came here to request one.

TL;DR of effects: e.g. 年中 -> ねんぢゅう (currently in WK as ねんじゅう) and 悪戯 -> いたづら (currently いたずら) for words which etymologically should use yotsugana but instead use futatsugana. (thanks to Leebo for the example)

Leebo added a good point - perhaps this could be expanded to cover more classical Japanese things - but personally, I’d be happy with just yotsugana (maybe at some point somebody will make a classical Japanese script, who knows?)

Not trying to hound you on this, but this is not something that needs to be changed. It was never changed by the government from つづく.

You said before, but I don’t know of any examples in WK where this would need affecting - level 8 after all - so I was using that as an example and explicitly stating that it would only occur as a result of forcible futatsugana

If you want an example of a word that was originally spelled with づ and now ず is the modern spelling, one such word on WK is 悪戯 (modern spelling いたずら, classical spelling いたづら).

Personally, I would see more value in something like a “classical mode” script for people who want to study classical Japanese, rather than just picking this one aspect of classical Japanese. Though I guess in such a userscript it would be possible to make individual historical spellings toggleable.

That’s just me personally, so it doesn’t really matter with regard to what other people want to do, but yeah.

Thanks for the example, I’ll swap it in now