Script for skipping Apprentice-I/II levels

I have been enjoying WK journey so far and it has been instrumental in learning Japanese for me. I could not have cleared my JLPT N3 without WK. At present, my level-up time varies from 7-9 days, and I want to retain it and not lag behind much so that I can attempt N2 in this July. However, with my studies catching up, I have realized that I have to devote a lot of time for the reviews, especially the vocabs. So I was wondering whether I could cut down the daily number of reviews without sacrificing the level-up time. But at the same time I don’t want to reduce no. of daily vocab lessons, as I think they are essential for JLPT preparation.
So I was wondering whether it is possible to skip apprentice level while doing reviews for vocabs (not for kanji or radicals). As other members must have also noticed that some of the vocabs are actually quite simple (both reading and meaning), while some are tricky. So what I want, while doing the vocab lessons, if deemed simple, option to skip one level so that it goes directly to apprentice-2 or apprentice-3 level. Obviously if I get it wrong next time, it will get back two levels as per the standard algorithm.
I don’t know whether it is possible to make such script, but if it is, I think it can be very helpful in cutting down the number of daily reviews while retaining the level-up speed. And I want it to be specifically for apprentice level-1/2 only, not for other levels, because then chances of misuse will be quite low. Thank you.

I’m sorry, but there isn’t any script that can fiddle with the SRS levels the way you want, and it’s doubtful that there’ll ever be any. The WaniKani devs would first need to add that functionality to the official APIs, but considering the potential for abuse and it going directly against their intended design, it’ll most likely never happen. At most, you can design a script that’ll automatically pass items, but you can’t skip the reviews, those will have to be done (even if automatically using a timed script, though I’ve never seen anything like that on the forums before).


I see. Thank you for the response. I hope developers could add something like that. Sometimes it becomes too overwhelming to do the reviews on daily basis, and to me personally, doing multiple reviews for an easy item during apprentice level does not make much sense.

The reality is, you’re pushing the pace hard and so the reviews inevitably build up. You’ll have to make the priority between going fast and possibly overload yourself, or going at a more calm and collected pace that suits your life in general. I would suggest doing the latter.

As for reaching N2 profeciency in a set period of time, maybe use some other app that allows you to study freely, at your own pace, as WK doesn’t have that functionality.