Scaling the 6583 review wall - Once more unto the breach!

Even if he did this, he would need another week of doing the same as they would all come back for the next review, and again, and again, and again, and again…

And that’s not counting the old reviews he’s already done coming back again and again and again…

Personally, if I was unburning old items to make sure I remembered them, I would have immediately reburned the old items that I got correct, as otherwise items that I already know would just be interfering with the SRS of the items that I don’t know, due to lack of timely exposure. Or better yet, use one of the user scripts that allows separate reviewing of burned items.

This way leads to madness…

(Good luck though)


Thu Oct 14 2021:
Time spent: 38m
Reviews completed: 130
Reviews remaining: 4726
Reviews in next week: 5010 (+284)
Accuracy: 81.54% (106/130)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 91.89% (68/74)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 67.86% (38/56)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 2986
Guru: 1251
Master: 467
Enlightened: 797
Burned 1528

Fri Oct 15 2021:
Time spent: 32m
Reviews completed: 113
Reviews remaining: 4675
Reviews in next week: 4992 (+317)
Accuracy: 73.45% (83/113)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 86.67% (52/60)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 58.49% (31/53)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 2981
Guru: 1256
Master: 469
Enlightened: 790
Burned 1533

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What…the… I would totally give up if I see this amount of apprentice items on my profile. You are a god among men…