Scaling the 6583 review wall - Once more unto the breach!

Sun Oct 03 2021:
Time spent: 21m
Reviews completed: 77
Reviews remaining: 4811
Reviews in next week: 5029 (+218)
Accuracy: 80.52% (62/77)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 94.59% (35/37)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 67.50% (27/40)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3025
Guru: 1212
Master: 446
Enlightened: 854
Burned 1489

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Mon Oct 04 2021:
Time spent: 26m
Reviews completed: 80
Reviews remaining: 4792
Reviews in next week: 5020 (+228)
Accuracy: 77.50% (62/80)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 92.50% (37/40)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 62.50% (25/40)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3020
Guru: 1217
Master: 445
Enlightened: 852
Burned 1492

I got lucky and burnt a bunch of items today, finally crossing the 1500 threshold.

Tue Oct 05 2021:
Time spent: 30m
Reviews completed: 89
Reviews remaining: 4772
Reviews in next week: 5002 (+230)
Accuracy: 80.90% (72/89)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 90.57% (48/53)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 66.67% (24/36)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3018
Guru: 1221
Master: 449
Enlightened: 837
Burned 1501


Woohoo! My +7 day review count is under 5000 for the first time!

Wed Oct 06 2021:
Time spent: 25m
Reviews completed: 81
Reviews remaining: 4765
Reviews in next week: 4990 (+225)
Accuracy: 75.31% (61/81)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 90.00% (36/40)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 60.98% (25/41)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3013
Guru: 1225
Master: 452
Enlightened: 830
Burned 1506


I thought I had encountered a new kanji in Satori Reader again (the ๅฅฎ in ๅญค่ปๅฅฎ้—˜), but it turns out that it is on Wanikani (lvl50). I guess that shows how little I remember of the high level kanji from when I raced through it last winter!


Thu Oct 07 2021:
Time spent: 17m
Reviews completed: 61
Reviews remaining: 4794
Reviews in next week: 4989 (+195)
Accuracy: 70.49% (43/61)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 85.29% (29/34)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 51.85% (14/27)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3013
Guru: 1226
Master: 455
Enlightened: 825
Burned 1508

Today didnโ€™t go so well.

Fri Oct 08 2021:
Time spent: 10m
Reviews completed: 35
Reviews remaining: 4820
Reviews in next week: 4994 (+174)
Accuracy: 74.29% (26/35)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 91.30% (21/23)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 41.67% (5/12)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3011
Guru: 1230
Master: 454
Enlightened: 824
Burned 1508

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Leech Review X

Itโ€™s time for my biggest and longest leech re-review ever!

Previously, I defined a leech as any item that I missed at least twice in the last 62 days and which I missed the most recent time it was reviewed.

However, today, I decided to change the definition to any item missed at least twice in the last 90 days and which I missed on either of the two most recent times it was reviewed.

This means that previously, I only needed to get a leech right once to remove it from the pile, while now I need to get it right in two consecutive weeks of BBO leech reviews before it is gone for good (unless it randomly comes up for review on WK in the mean time). The reason for the change is that I was concerned that I wasnโ€™t actually remembering the leeches and that getting it right once could just be due to short term memory and/or luck.

The consequence of this is that nearly every leech Iโ€™ve ever reviewed and vanquished is now back up for review, since I only got them right once before they were taken out of rotation before. And that means that I had the largest ever BBO review burden this morning - 286 reviews!

It took me 71 minutes split across four review sessions just to get through all the BBO leech reviews today.

I also decided to start calculating accuracy stats for the manual BBO leech reviews - here are the six most recent (including today):

2021-09-04: 71.57% (73/102)
2021-09-11: 72.81% (83/114)
2021-09-18: 71.91% (64/89)
2021-09-25: 74.03% (191/258)
2021-10-02: 74.56% (85/114)
2021-10-09: 69.23% (198/286)

And here is the pile of leeches remaining after the reviews this morning. Note that for the first time, some of these are actually items I got right in the manual BBO reviews. Iโ€™ll have to get them right a second time next week before they are actually removed from the pile.

vocab	ๅพ—ไฝ“ Character ใˆใŸใ„
vocab	้…ๆปž Delay ใกใŸใ„
vocab	้ ๆ…ฎใ™ใ‚‹ To Decline ใˆใ‚“ใ‚Šใ‚‡ใ™ใ‚‹
vocab	ๆปžใ‚‹ To Be Overdue ใจใฉใ“ใŠใ‚‹
vocab	ๅˆถๅบฆ System ใ›ใ„ใฉ
vocab	ๆžข่ปธ Axle ใ™ใ†ใ˜ใ
vocab	ๅŽใพใ‚‹ To Fit Inside ใŠใ•ใพใ‚‹
vocab	็ธ Edge ใตใก
vocab	ๅ…ฌ็”จ Government Business ใ“ใ†ใ‚ˆใ†
kanji	ๅ˜† Sigh ใŸใ‚“
vocab	ๆ‡ฒใ‚Šใ‚‹ To Learn By Experience ใ“ใ‚Šใ‚‹
vocab	ๆธˆใพใ™ To Finish Something ใ™ใพใ™
vocab	ๅขƒ Boundary ใ•ใ‹ใ„
vocab	ๅฅ‘ๆฉŸ Chance ใ‘ใ„ใ
vocab	ๆŽช็ฝฎ Measures ใใก
kanji	่ซธ Various ใ—ใ‚‡
kanji	็คบ Indicate ใ˜
vocab	่ซ‹ใ‘ใ‚‹ To Take ใ†ใ‘ใ‚‹
vocab	ๅ……ๅฎŸ Fullness ใ˜ใ‚…ใ†ใ˜ใค
vocab	็คบใ™ To Indicate ใ—ใ‚ใ™
vocab	้€ใ‘ใ‚‹ To Be Transparent ใ™ใ‘ใ‚‹
kanji	ๆฟƒ Thick ใฎใ†
vocab	็„ฆใ’ใ‚‹ To Be Burned ใ“ใ’ใ‚‹
vocab	ๆธ…ใ„ Pure ใใ‚ˆใ„
vocab	่ผ‰ใ‚‹ To Be Published ใฎใ‚‹
vocab	็—‡็Šถ Symptom ใ—ใ‚‡ใ†ใ˜ใ‚‡ใ†
vocab	ๅ–งๅ˜ฉ Fight ใ‘ใ‚“ใ‹
vocab	่ฟ‘ใ€… Before Long ใกใ‹ใขใ‹
vocab	็Œฎ่ก€ Blood Donation ใ‘ใ‚“ใ‘ใค
vocab	ๆดพ้ฃ Dispatch ใฏใ‘ใ‚“
vocab	ๆบใ•ใถใ‚‹ To Shake ใ‚†ใ•ใถใ‚‹
vocab	ๅพ“ๆฅ Up To Now ใ˜ใ‚…ใ†ใ‚‰ใ„
kanji	ๅฎ‡ Outer Space ใ†
vocab	ๅˆŠ่กŒใ™ใ‚‹ To Publish ใ‹ใ‚“ใ“ใ†ใ™ใ‚‹
vocab	ๆญฉ้“ Sidewalk ใปใฉใ†
vocab	ๅพนๅบ• Thoroughness ใฆใฃใฆใ„
vocab	้บฆ็•‘ Wheat Field ใ‚€ใŽใฐใŸใ‘
vocab	ๆฟƒใ„ Thick ใ“ใ„
vocab	ๆฒข Mountain Stream ใ•ใ‚
vocab	ๅ–œๅฏฟ Seventy Seventh Birthday ใใ˜ใ‚…
vocab	ๆ—…ๅˆธ Passport ใ‚Šใ‚‡ใ‘ใ‚“
vocab	ๅซŒๆ‚ช Disgust ใ‘ใ‚“ใŠ
kanji	่ฉฆ Try ใ—
vocab	ๅˆบใ•ใ‚‹ To Be Pierced ใ•ใ•ใ‚‹
vocab	้ฆ™ๅท็œŒ Kagawa Prefecture ใ‹ใŒใ‚ใ‘ใ‚“
vocab	็ ดใ‚‹ To Tear ใ‚„ใถใ‚‹
vocab	ๅŸท็€ Attachment To ใ—ใ‚…ใ†ใกใ‚ƒใ
vocab	ๅ›ฐ้›ฃ Hardship ใ“ใ‚“ใชใ‚“
vocab	ๆ‰‹็ถšใ Procedure ใฆใคใฅใ
vocab	็›ฃ่ฆ– Observation ใ‹ใ‚“ใ—
vocab	ๅผตใ‚‹ To Stretch ใฏใ‚‹
vocab	่ฒ ๆ‹… Burden ใตใŸใ‚“
vocab	่–ฌ็‰ฉ Medicines ใ‚„ใใถใค
vocab	้ซ˜็ญ‰ๅญฆๆ ก Senior High School ใ“ใ†ใจใ†ใŒใฃใ“ใ†
vocab	ๅ›žๅพฉใ™ใ‚‹ To Recover ใ‹ใ„ใตใใ™ใ‚‹
vocab	่ถฃ Charm ใŠใ‚‚ใ‚€ใ
vocab	ๆŸ”ๅ’Œ Gentleness ใซใ‚…ใ†ใ‚
vocab	ๆธ‡ใ To Become Thirsty ใ‹ใ‚ใ
vocab	ไธป Master ใฌใ—
kanji	้™ฐ Shade ใ„ใ‚“
vocab	ๅฑ…็œ ใ‚Š Nap ใ„ใญใ‚€ใ‚Š
vocab	ๅพฎใ‹ Delicate ใ‹ใ™ใ‹
vocab	็Ÿณๆฒน Oil ใ›ใใ‚†
vocab	ใ€œ็ณป Tribe ใ‘ใ„
vocab	ๅ„ชๅ‹ Victory ใ‚†ใ†ใ—ใ‚‡ใ†
kanji	่งฆ Touch ใ—ใ‚‡ใ
vocab	็ถฑๅผ•ใ Tug Of War ใคใชใฒใ
vocab	ไปŠๆ›ด Too Late ใ„ใพใ•ใ‚‰
vocab	ไธ‹็”บ Downtown ใ—ใŸใพใก
vocab	้‡‘้ซช Blonde ใใ‚“ใฑใค
vocab	ๅˆ‡่ฟซ Urgency ใ›ใฃใฑใ
vocab	ๅˆ็‰ˆ First Edition ใ—ใ‚‡ใฏใ‚“
vocab	ๅนใ่พผใ‚€ To Blow In ใตใใ“ใ‚€
vocab	ๅคฑๆœ› Disappointment ใ—ใคใผใ†
vocab	ไธ‡ๅนด็ญ† Fountain Pen ใพใ‚“ใญใ‚“ใฒใค
vocab	่ฒข็Œฎ Contribution ใ“ใ†ใ‘ใ‚“
vocab	ไฝ็ฝฎ Position ใ„ใก
kanji	่ก“ Art ใ˜ใ‚…ใค
vocab	ไธ‹ๆ—ฌ Last Ten Days Of The Month ใ’ใ˜ใ‚…ใ‚“
vocab	่งฃๆ•ฃ Breakup ใ‹ใ„ใ•ใ‚“
vocab	ๆฝ”ใ„ Pure ใ„ใ•ใŽใ‚ˆใ„
vocab	ๅ–ถๆฅญ Business ใˆใ„ใŽใ‚‡ใ†
vocab	ๅœŸ็ ‚ Sediment ใฉใ—ใ‚ƒ
vocab	้€ฃๆ—ฅ Every Day ใ‚Œใ‚“ใ˜ใค
vocab	็”ฒๆ–ๆ€ง Resourcefulness ใ‹ใ„ใ—ใ‚‡ใ†
vocab	็จฒ็”ฐ Rice Field ใ„ใชใ 
vocab	่ก—้“ Highway ใ‹ใ„ใฉใ†
vocab	ไธ€็ญ‰ First Class ใ„ใฃใจใ†
vocab	้ ˜ๅŸŸ Domain ใ‚Šใ‚‡ใ†ใ„ใ
kanji	ๅพก Honorable ใ”
vocab	็งฐใˆใ‚‹ To Praise ใŸใŸใˆใ‚‹
vocab	ๆœ—ใ‚‰ใ‹ Bright ใปใŒใ‚‰ใ‹
vocab	ๆ›ใˆใ‚‹ To Exchange ใ‹ใˆใ‚‹
vocab	้ก˜ๆœ› Desire ใŒใ‚“ใผใ†
vocab	้ป’ๅน• Wirepuller ใใ‚ใพใ
vocab	ไฟฎ็† Repair ใ—ใ‚…ใ†ใ‚Š
vocab	่ฉฑ Story ใฏใชใ—
vocab	ๆœๆŸป Criminal Investigation ใใ†ใ•
vocab	ๆŠ‘ๅˆถ Control ใ‚ˆใใ›ใ„
vocab	้“ Road ใฟใก
vocab	ๆฎบไบบ Murder ใ•ใคใ˜ใ‚“
vocab	ไฟๅญ˜ Preservation ใปใžใ‚“
vocab	ไบค้€š็ถฒ Traffic Network ใ“ใ†ใคใ†ใ‚‚ใ†
vocab	่ฆชๅฑ• Confidential ใ—ใ‚“ใฆใ‚“
vocab	ๆ•ดใˆใ‚‹ To Arrange ใจใจใฎใˆใ‚‹
vocab	ๅซใ To Marry ใจใคใ
vocab	็ ‚ไธ˜ Sand Dune ใ•ใใ‚…ใ†
kanji	ๅฎ› Address ใ‚ใฆ
vocab	ๆฐ—ไป˜ใ To Realize ใใฅใ
vocab	ๅผพใ To Play A Stringed Instrument ใฒใ
kanji	ๅ–„ Morally Good ใœใ‚“
vocab	ไพ‹ๅค– Exception ใ‚Œใ„ใŒใ„
vocab	ๅˆƒๅ…ˆ Edge Of Blade ใฏใ•ใ
vocab	ๆŸ“ใฟ Stain ใ—ใฟ
vocab	็ธ„ๅผตใ‚Š Rope Off ใชใ‚ใฐใ‚Š
vocab	ๆš–็‚‰ Fireplace ใ ใ‚“ใ‚
vocab	ๆ…‹ๅบฆ Attitude ใŸใ„ใฉ
vocab	ๅฑฅใ็‰ฉ Footwear ใฏใใ‚‚ใฎ
vocab	ๅŠ่ฃธ Half Naked ใฏใ‚“ใ‚‰
vocab	ๆ„ๅค– Unexpected ใ„ใŒใ„
vocab	็ธ„่ทณใณ Jump Rope ใชใ‚ใจใณ
vocab	ๆ‚ชๆฐ— Evil Intent ใ‚ใ‚‹ใŽ
kanji	ๆžข Hinge ใ™ใ†
vocab	็‚Ž Flame ใปใฎใŠ
vocab	็ตๆง‹ใงใ™ No Thank You ใ‘ใฃใ“ใ†ใงใ™
vocab	ๆˆฆใ„ Battle ใŸใŸใ‹ใ„
kanji	ๆ Loss ใใ‚“
vocab	ๅ–ใ‚Š้€ƒใŒใ™ To Fail To Catch ใจใ‚ŠใซใŒใ™
vocab	ๅˆ†่งฃ Breakdown ใถใ‚“ใ‹ใ„
vocab	็ด›็ณพ Complication ใตใ‚“ใใ‚…ใ†
vocab	็”ปๅƒ Image ใŒใžใ†
vocab	ๅ‚ทใ‚€ To Be Damaged ใ„ใŸใ‚€
vocab	ๅ”ฑๆญŒ Singing ใ—ใ‚‡ใ†ใ‹
kanji	่ฒฟ Trade ใผใ†
vocab	็ฅ–็ˆถๆฏ Grandparents ใใตใผ
kanji	ๅฑฅ Boots ใ‚Š
vocab	็’ฐๅขƒ Environment ใ‹ใ‚“ใใ‚‡ใ†
vocab	่ณผ่ชญใ™ใ‚‹ To Subscribe ใ“ใ†ใฉใใ™ใ‚‹
vocab	็ง’้‡ Second Hand ใณใ‚‡ใ†ใ—ใ‚“
vocab	่ฆชใ—ใ„ Intimate ใ—ใŸใ—ใ„
kanji	่จˆ Measure ใ‘ใ„
vocab	็ˆ†็ฌ‘ Explosive Laughter ใฐใใ—ใ‚‡ใ†
vocab	้ ผใ‚‹ To Rely On ใŸใ‚ˆใ‚‹
vocab	่พ›ๆŠฑ Patience ใ—ใ‚“ใผใ†
vocab	ๆˆ‘ I ใ‚ใ‚Œ
vocab	ๆšใŒใ‚‹ To Be Fried Up ใ‚ใŒใ‚‹
vocab	ๅผๅ„Ÿ Reimbursement ในใ‚“ใ—ใ‚‡ใ†
kanji	ไธˆ Height ใ˜ใ‚‡ใ†
vocab	้›ขใ‚Œใ‚‹ To Separate ใฏใชใ‚Œใ‚‹
kanji	ๅ™› Bite ใ‹
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Since I spent half the day doing leech reviews on BBO, I didnโ€™t get around to doing actual WK reviews until much later, and when I finally did, it was a disaster.

Sat Oct 09 2021:
Time spent: 4m
Reviews completed: 11
Reviews remaining: 4852
Reviews in next week: 5011 (+159)
Accuracy: 45.45% (5/11)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 66.67% (4/6)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 20.00% (1/5)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3011
Guru: 1231
Master: 453
Enlightened: 824
Burned 1508

I tried to do Wanikani reviews repeatedly today, but I always did terribly and was forced to stop after just a few minutes every time.

Sun Oct 10 2021:
Time spent: 34m
Reviews completed: 116
Reviews remaining: 4798
Reviews in next week: 4995 (+197)
Accuracy: 62.93% (73/116)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 70.15% (47/67)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 53.06% (26/49)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3014
Guru: 1226
Master: 460
Enlightened: 815
Burned 1512

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Btw, wanted to ask something.
Review progress is stored locally, and afaik it doesnโ€™t live forever.
Can it be, that you do a bunch of half-reviews, then because of your enormous review count they donโ€™t come up and get deleted losing you progress?

I use the Wrap Up button in order to avoid that issue.


Iโ€™ve been doing terribly at WK for the last three days, so I was worried that it was going to stay like that forever. However, this morning, I got very lucky on my WK reviews.

Ironically, ๆœ‰็ฝช, one of the only two items I missed, was a word that I reviewed and missed yesterday evening. I was pretty embarrassed that I still couldnโ€™t remember it (or rather misremembered it, I keep thinking ็ฝช has the reading โ€œhanโ€ due to mixing it up with ็Šฏ for some reason.)


Mon Oct 11 2021:
Time spent: 14m
Reviews completed: 53
Reviews remaining: 4793
Reviews in next week: 4987 (+194)
Accuracy: 83.02% (44/53)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 89.29% (25/28)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 76.00% (19/25)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3012
Guru: 1226
Master: 458
Enlightened: 815
Burned 1516

As another example of mixing up words just because they sound similar, on Wanikani this morning, I put โ€œexpressionโ€ for the meaning of ๆ–น่จ€ (hougen) due to mixing it up with ่กจ็พ (hyougen). The funny part is that they arenโ€™t actually the same sound, and theyโ€™re written completely differently. To a Japanese person, โ€œhouโ€ and โ€œhyouโ€ are probably completely different sounds and they would be confused at how anyone could ever mix them up, much like English speakers would find the confusion of beach/bitch, sit/shit, etc. strange.

I also put โ€œkiyoiโ€ for ้’ใ„ due to mistaking it for ๆธ…ใ„. I was embarrassed afterwards to mix up such a common and simple word.

Then there are the mistakes that I just keep making over and over. For example, I once again put โ€œungaโ€ for the reading of ๆฐทๆฒณ (hyouga) this morning. I donโ€™t know how many times Iโ€™ve made that mistake in Wanikani by now, but it must be considerable.

On the bright side, I finally guruโ€™d the wheat radical today. This is the first radical, and only the second radical or kanj (after ่‹บ) to be guruโ€™d that was added as a lesson after I started my current WK challenge back in May. Under normal circumstances, it would only take 3.5 days, but with 5k+ reviews in the pile, it takes a really long time for any given item to randomly come up for review the four times required to go from Apprentice to Guru, even if you get it right every time it does come up.

My Apprentice count has been over 3000 since literally the day after I reset. It peaked at 3107 in late August, but over the last month, Iโ€™ve been slowly whittling it down again.

Today, I finally got it down to 3000!

P.S. I was surprised that my +7 day review count shot up today, since I did a much larger number of reviews than usual and had high accuracy. I suspected that this might be one of the โ€œwavesโ€ from that one Sunday a few weeks ago when I did over three hours of reviews in one day as a challenge.

I checked, and sure enough, that Sunday was three weeks and two days ago now, which means that a week from now is exactly 30 days from that Sunday. This means that every Master review I did back then will be coming due in a week, which means they showed up in my +7 day review count starting today, hence the sudden jump. Itโ€™s pretty astonishing that even a month later, the ripples of that one day are still noticable!

Tue Oct 12 2021:
Time spent: 36m
Reviews completed: 124
Reviews remaining: 4737
Reviews in next week: 5013 (+276)
Accuracy: 78.23% (97/124)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 90.48% (57/63)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 65.57% (40/61)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3000
Guru: 1235
Master: 463
Enlightened: 809
Burned 1520

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Wed Oct 13 2021:
Time spent: 15m
Reviews completed: 40
Reviews remaining: 4767
Reviews in next week: 5024 (+257)
Accuracy: 72.50% (29/40)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 100.00% (21/21)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 42.11% (8/19)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 2999
Guru: 1237
Master: 463
Enlightened: 807
Burned 1521

Canโ€™t you just sit down for a week and grind them all out? I think this should be doable and less painful than doing it throughout months

24 days ago, I spent the entire day just doing as many WK reviews as I could in one day as a personal challenge. You can see how that went and do the math. Even if you assume 100% accuracy (which is of course wildly unrealistic), it would take a really long time to โ€œjust grind throughโ€ all the reviews, even if I did nothing else all day (which obviously isnโ€™t sustainable either!)


I just had an amazingly good session this morning.

Normally, I miss a bunch of items and get frustrated or mentally overwhelmed and have to stop relatively quickly, so my review sessions are rarely much more than 10 minutes even on a good day. However, today, I got an endless stream of easy questions and just kept going and going, ultimately doing reviews for 26 minutes straight and answering 95 reviews. Thatโ€™s more than Iโ€™ve done on many entire days!