Sayaka Murata Book Club

That’s always the case, isn’t it, so much to read, so little time. I’m impatient to get to the point where I’m fluent enough in Japanese that I can finish a book in a few days instead of the ages it currently takes me. But that’s a long way from now I suspect.


If I recall the discussion correctly, the conclusion was that this book club is more for the established fans, while the IBC nomination was more about fishing up new souls.
I wasn’t sure how well it would do, but actually, like you said, it seems to be quite popular. :upside_down_face:

And I second this, so if you really don’t want two Muratas at the same time, then I actually recommend prioritizing 地球星人 :laughing:


Yep. We had to spread the Good News!

But the thought that it would be a bit awkward to read two Murata books concurrently struck me as well. We’ll have to see how it goes with the voting, but if it wins and there is a big overlap with the members of this club, we could consider saving the last story in 授乳 until 地球星人 is done. Think of the fresh converts Murata book club members!


My reasoning for not voting for 地球星人 was mostly something along the lines of “I’m not sure if I can fully commit to the next IBC pick so let’s save 地球星人 for later”, so if the nomination stays as popular as it is now I’ll have to find a way to make it work :joy:

I like that idea! Not just because it would lessen the book club load but also because I feel like two Murata books at the same time might be a bit much. Of course it depends on how large the overlap between the clubs actually is.


If we manage to stop between stories, I wouldn’t mind pausing, I think. Especially since moving the club over to the intermediate club for a bit will ensure lovely discussion and may bring in new blood to this specialty club. And eradicate my fear of juggling two intense 村田 stories.

Good News all around, if you ask me!


Yeah, the original thought was that putting 地球星人 in the IBC would introduce more people to the author and give people who aren’t necessarily die-hard fans the chance to discover Murata and maybe join us here to read her less well-known works. I have no issue reading two Murata books at once (especially when one’s a novel and one’s a short-story collection), but a hiatus here if 地球星人 wins the vote sounds like a totally reasonable proposal. I agree with Aislin in saying that if you must prioritize something, read 地球星人.


Hahaha, I even voted in that poll oops :slight_smile: Now I have no more excuses :joy_cat:


Well it looks like we’ll be starting 地球星人 on 27 November. That means we (probably) won’t need a break between the second and third story of 授乳, because there would only be two weeks of overlap.

I could potentially post the last two threads a bit earlier (say, 20 November), so that those who feel very strongly about not reading two Murata stories concurrently can go for a sprint and finish the story in time for 地球星人.

I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it!


I made it so that we only have a two-week overlap now :sunglasses:

Which doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t continue to think about taking a break and postponing the last story. :woman_shrugging:


And I just thought of another option: adapting the schedule so we read the last story a bit faster. We should probably have a poll after we finish this current story.

Some sneaky strategic voting huh? I would never have thought of that myself :eyes: :innocent:


Not gonna lie, logistics definitely drives a big part of my vote. Until your vote put ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 over the edge I considered retracting my vote for 地球星人 partly just to get that 4-week buffer. (I’m also really excited to read a cool-looking manga that I might not have picked up otherwise).


ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 wasn’t really on my radar before, but a lot of people seemed really keen to read it, so I figured it must be worth reading. Wouldn’t have voted for it otherwise, cause I do think one should only vote for picks they do actually intend to read :slight_smile: I think it ended up for the best, all in all!


Haha yes I think sneaky voting is ok as long as one follows this rule.


I want to complain yet again about a translation of Murata’s work.
It will be about かぜのこいびと from 生命式.
Spoilers: not really, it’s about a phrase close to the beginning.
Context: it’s about a window’s curtain color.

Japanese version:


English version:

“Naoko, it’s light blue—your favorite color. Isn’t it pretty?”
“I wanted pink—blue’s for boys.”


English translation source: pdf is linked directly in the References section of Murata’s English Wikipedia page.


Now that’s a creative translation :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Murata sensei books coinback promo + sale on Bookwalker


Some books on Amazon as well:

Kinda happy 地球星人 isn’t, having bought it just a few days ago after weeks of daily refreshing in hope of a deal!


Made it to Kinokuniya today and picked up となりの脳世界. Lots of good options come next poll.

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A reminder for anyone interested: となりの脳世界 is a non-fiction book.

We have about a month left of 地球星人, so if we roll right into the next Murata pick it’s already poll season. Does anybody have any strong opinions as to whether we take a break or keep going right away?

地球星人 has been heavy, so I understand if a break is in order. Then again there are plenty of lighter Murata picks that I’d be happy to read right away, so I could go either way.

Edit: Forgot to make the poll public so if you were the one other person who already voted, please vote again.

  • Let’s start our next pick right after 地球星人 (with the typical 1-week break)
  • Let’s take a month off
  • Let’s take two months off
  • Let’s take a longer break (please explain)

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