Sayaka Murata Book Club (Currently reading: 殺人出産 ・ Next pick: 授乳)

Excellent! Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh, is this on Kindle? Bookwalker does not seem to have them on sale. :cry:

Sorry, I edited my original post not to confuse more people.

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I got the rest during the last sale/points back thing a while ago, but I bought this one now! I think it might not have been part of the sale last time, or maybe I just missed it. :smiley:

Indeed. :eyes:


Yeah, I’ve checked @Aislin 's post and it wasn’t.
I only bought 授乳 and 消滅世界 this time, and I’ve added the rest to my wish list. (I don’t like having tsundoku, even in a digital form.) Though I’m not sure if I get any notifications if they are discounted.

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I was complaining before that I don’t know which books I can safely read on my own, so this helps :grin:


Just a quick heads-up that currently there is a Bookwalker coin cashback special going on (until 2021-07-26T00:59:00Z), which gives you around 40% or so cashback on all books afaict.