Save me from a non-busy day: Any good N2-level materials online?

I’m an ALT in Japan. I’ve generally been extremely busy this term, but thanks to a school activity week (first-graders camping, second doing workplace visits and third high school prep), and being prepared for upcoming classes, I suddenly don’t have a lot going on.

To make things worse, the N2 books I ordered to continue study haven’t arrived yet.

Anything good online that would let me do some study in the meantime? I can only clear out Wanikani and iKnow so many times, and I went nuts doing N3 quizzes last week. Would be nice to sneak in a grammar lesson or two. I know about this list (though some of those items also appeared during my N3 study), but maybe there’s something better?

Have you tried Sayori reader? You can read a couple of articles for free, the first three of every series I think. You can set the kanji according to your proficiency, so I reckon you can basically make it N2 level all on your own.

That might be good. I have some news apps for reading, but haven’t checked this out. Will give it a look!

I like Nihongo no Mori


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