Satori Reader appreciation thread

That would be great if one of their series could help with that. In the slam dunk home thread I linked to a male slang and a slang contractions tutorial that helped me a lot. I literally took notes so I had a cheat sheet and it helped a lot when reading manga early on.


This is my criteria for grading books, movies, anything. Tears? 10/10! No tears? :-1: 0/10

@macalys I found John and friends super helpful, because they do things like go shopping and to restaurants, so you’re seeing casual speech for some of the most common scenarios. Its the most similar to what you see in anime and manga. You’ll also be exposed to the way employees speak to customers. It’s also a great story to practice listening.


Thanks you for the helpful insight…

Wait wait wait… What am I saying ? We’re all acting like I am ready to go intermediary, but am I, really ? I suddenly feel like an imposter :scream:
Doesn’t it take more than “Hey try this intermediate story.” “Ok of course, I feel totally ready.” ? :dizzy_face:
Don’t I have to go through a stupid and way too much complicated ceremony or something ? :yum:


We totally forgot to do the ceremony!
Here you go:

You are now permitted to read intermediate stories on Satori Reader


Yeaaah ! :partying_face: Thanks you !!! It was worth asking :blush:

With the precious resources linked by @mitrac, I’ll now hit the road of adventure^^


GO Go GO!!!



What I like to do is go through a chapter or two (I’m currently going through the intermediate book) for thorough explanation on the given grammar point and then look it up on Bunpro (I have a lifetime subscription there - they do a sale at the end of every year) to keep it in the loop with the power of SRS. I’m extremely conservative with the number of grammar reviews on Bunpro though. It only comes to 5 or so reviews daily, because I think grammar doesn’t have to be grinded so hard as opposed to other areas of the language. I also prefer the “grammar mining” approach, meaning I don’t learn new grammar on Bunpro, but rather just use it to reproduce grammar I learned in Human Japanese or elsewhere. Hope this helps a bit.


Hey guys, new Satori user here. I was wondering, how do you use Satori? Do you thoroughly analyse and study every sentence, or do you go faster and just plunge through the chapters tadoku style?


Welcome :slight_smile: I’ve been using Satori for more than a year and still at it! (There is a LOT of content and I’m only doing 2 chapters a day).
I haven’t really changed my method in all that time, only increased the difficulty of the material I picked.

  • I turn off the furigana for the kanji (at least those I know, you can configure it with your WK account so it hides those that are for kanji below you WK level)
  • I listen to one sentence while reading it
  • I read it myself and click on the words that are not clear to me
  • If I don’t understand the sentence I read the translation
  • If there are grammar notes, I read them
  • Once I understand the sentence, I relisten to it
  • Repeat with next sentence

Sounds good, it’s similar to what I do, although at the moment I always read the translations after trying to decipher the sentence. I have indeed connected it to my wanikani profile, so that it doesn’t show furigana for the kanji I know. I don’t listen a lot to the sentences though.

But I do feel like I’m deciphering the sentences, I guess it’s normal at the beginning :sweat_smile:


Definitely! I probably was checking the translations everytime at the beginning too, to see if I got it right :slight_smile:


Superb app. I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while.


That’s definitely normal, and it gets easier and easier. I use a similar process to Akashelia. I’d add two thoughts. First, after deciphering or reading a passage or episode, I found it helpful to then listen + read again in one go. This was a quick and easy review of what I’d just learned. The next day I’d start by rereading the passage again. In the beginning I would have to redecipher it but gradually it got easier and easier until it was a really simple warm-up and would refresh a new words or grammar point.

Second, at some point in the intermediate level stories I started reading multiple sentences or a whole passage before peeking at a translation. This helped me learn some reading skills that helped a lot when I started reading more and more outside of Satori. You probably have noticed in your native language, sometimes a sentence is Mysterious by its nature and you have to read a full passage for it to make sense. Similarly, I would use Satori to train this skill of getting comfortable with ambiguity, read on, and often already or when rereading a passage it would become clear! This is a seed for later, but I thought I’d mention it!

Welcome to the party!


I’d like to express my appreciation even though my Satori Reader is lying dormant at the moment! I returned from my month of study in Japan last summer with Covid, and Satori Reader was one of the ways I got through my convalescence. It was a great way to feel like I was continuing intensive Japanese study. I love the fact that you can customize it so well to your own level. I will return to it eventually (currently working my way through some manga…)


I do wish there was a font size adjustment, tho!


@MarnieDEB I know what you mean!

I appreciate it so much, too. It’s just so easy to use, whether I’m feeling well or not, travelling, time pressed, etc

@Piyo314 if you haven’t already, it’s worth commenting on the feedback section there as the developer is constantly improving it based on feedback


I knew this day would come… my…

:partying_face: Satori graduation :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I had a great time with Satori. The most helpful time was a period where I was reading 1-2 episodes everyday for about 1.5 years. I also read manga and children’s books and other articles etc on the side and it was awesome to see what I learned in Satori help me in other books.

I listened to everything I read and it didn’t feel hard to move into audiobooks and daily life podcasts not intended for learners.

I started where everyone does at the painstaking deciphering phase, and Satori enabled Japanese reading to become smooth and really fun, although I’m still learning a lot it doesn’t feel like studying since a long time.

I had a new realisation. Gradually without realising it, with what felt like marginal but very consistent daily effort, it seems through Satori I learned virtually all N4 and N3 grammar. I’ve been going through Genki 2 in the last months because I had it, and only 1 or 2 points were actually new to me. Similarly, looking ahead in Quartet, I know all the N3 points introduced, just most of the N2 points will be new to me. Wow! I didn’t realise I’d gotten that deep of coverage this way “on the side”. Satori provided an incredibly smooth experience to learn that grammar in context.

I still have a lot to learn obviously. My output and kanji need to catch up to my reading level. My vocab still has a lot of room to grow.

if you haven't tried it

Satori won’t be for everyone, so for anyone who hasn’t tried it, the way to go is read the free stuff, and if it seems helpful try a month subscription. If you don’t enjoy it, well, then don’t subscribe longer or try to fight through it, as you’re unlikely to be consistent. Do something else you enjoy more! But if you do like it, then it seems people seem to either be in the read a lot in a month or two and move on camp, or read a bit daily for a year or more alongside other books/ manga camp. Choose your sub accordingly!

I’m done for now, but I’ll probably sub once a year for a month to read new series.