Same word, different 漢字!

what are some words you’ve discovered while reading that are the same words (perhaps a different nuance) but different kanji? most of us already know common ones like 暑い vs 熱い or 赤い and 紅い. have you encountered any others? :face_with_monocle:

today i saw 厭(いや、usually 嫌)
and 仕合わせ (しあわせ、usually 幸せ)

really surprised me!


Recently I saw 出会う written as 出逢う which I’m pretty sure I’ve seen before at some point but it threw me off for a minute.

There’s also ones like 見る, 視る, 診る

Or 回る and 廻る.

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Some words like that that I can remember seeing in the recent past:
脚 (あし、足)
勤める (つとめる、務める)

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Quite often you’ll get 朝日(あさひ)in place names, except it’ll be written as 旭. It’s a cool but completely useless kanji to know outside of knowing how to read place names.


債権 credit/debt
債券 bond
Both are さいけん

Maybe it just happened to be coincidence from the manga I was reading, but when I first saw 脚 it seemed to mean “leg” where 足 seems to more commonly be “foot”. This also seems to be the case with a lot of words that appear to be the same but with different kanji, with some words having more pronounced differences than others.

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