Sakubun - A tool to get customized kanji practice (integrates with WaniKani)

I completely understand - I’ve now implemented an export kanji page, so you should be able to export your kanji from the old URL and import it into the new one. Just visit the known kanji page and click on the link in the banner.

Once you click export, it’ll download a txt file. Copy paste the contents of that txt file into the known kanji page, and the kanji should get imported.

I’m currently trying to implement a similar feature to transfer essays as well, I’ll let you know once that’s implemented.

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Well, it’s part of it :sweat_smile:, although this one proved to require even more masochism than the 50-60 levels, since it was harder and less repetitive

Thank you for everything @aravk33 !! I can pay you a coffee whenever you want


You should now be able to transfer both your kanji list as well as saved essays from the old domain to the new one. Can you let me know if it worked?

The export and import essay features are here to stay, so you can use it to transfer essays between devices as well, such as from your laptop to your phone and so on.

I’m really glad you’re finding my app useful! I don’t accept donations yet, but I would be grateful if you can share it with as many people as you can so that others can benefit from it too!

I’ve just added a vertical text (縦書き) feature for the essay page. Please let me know if there are any issues with it! When the option is enabled, the essay should be rendered top-to-bottom, right-to-left, and scroll horizontally, the way Japanese is written traditionally.

Also let me know if you have any suggestions to improve it!

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I’m on level 44 WK and find Sakubun extremely helpful. Lately I’m getting a lot of repetition in the quiz sentences and almost never get kanji at the higher levels. Any way I can force it to focus on higher WK levels other than delete the lower level kanji?


Not currently, but I see your point - I’ll work on a solution and let you know.

I’ve implemented an additional “priority kanji list” now, so you can optionally mark certain kanji to be prioritized, and any quiz questions you get will be guaranteed to have them. I’m not sure if this is the best way to do it, but this is the best way I could think of that works well with the current system. If you have an idea for a different implementation, please let me know - I’ll see if it’s feasible to implement.

In order to select and add kanji that are already in your list, I’ve also added a copy kanji button once you select some kanji, so you can drag-select all the kanji you want and copy them, then paste them into the text box that prioritizes them. Paste them again to de-prioritize.

If you paste a kanji into the priority box that doesn’t already exist in your regular kanji list, it’ll be added to it automatically. If you keep getting the same sentences again and again, add more kanji to your priority list.

Thank you for your effort. Another alternative which come to mind would be to allow a choice of which levels of Wanikani to import. Perhaps in groups 1-10, 11-20, etc. Then In my case I could import just the specific levels I’d like to focus on.


I’ve added a copy button to the preview dialog that comes up when you import kanji - so to do what you want, click the button to import kanji up to level 20 for example, then in the preview window, you can select just the newer kanji and copy them. Then you can paste them into the priority box. Does that accomplish what you meant?

Thanks. Tried it out but I’m getting an error on import. I deleted all the existing kanji, generated a new token (after I got the error) and tried again but still “an error occured” pops up.

Can you send a screenshot of the error?

Never mind, I think I found the issue - can you check if it works now?

Thanks, working now.

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Wow that site is amazing. Will keep visiting as I learn more kanji.

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