Sailormoon 🌙 — Now Reading Sailor Stars Arc 🌟

I’ve just this very minute finished watching episode 9, so they are definitely still up. Perhaps it is only in Japan?

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Yeah they’ve geoblocked the videos since a few days ago, but it works with a VPN!

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Money I suppose, they must reckon it will stop sales or something? So sad.
I’ve never used a VPN, are they actually legal?

VPNs themselves are legal in many countries (for personal privacy, secure internal networks, secure public WiFi, and many more reasons) – but I think the specific legalities of the what VPNs are used for depend on each country + the terms of the service being accessed…
I’m no legal expert though so I wouldn’t know how to even read more detailed info :woman_shrugging::blush:

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It might also have to do with who is allowed to distribute the videos. So If the company that owns Sailor Moon in Japan wants to show it in Japan, cool. But a different company owns it in say, Sweden, and the Japanese company didn’t ask the Swedish company if it was cool if they released it on YouTube or whatever. Or the other company said no.

I recently ran into the same problem from the opposite direction. Colour Pop, an American company, created a Sailor Moon makeup line. I had ordered from them before, but I found out at the last minute that they could not ship it to me in Japan. Luckily, I had an American friend’s address, so I had it sent to her, but then had to pay for shipping twice to have her send it to me here, which she did with no problem.

It’s dumb.


Ah, I see! That makes sense (sort of! lol!). Thank you!

I have to share this for reasons that will become clear if you read the whole thing.

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Spotted the colour version of the first volume of Sailor Moon going for free on Book Walker.

I couldn’t work out if this is free to purchase until end of August, or whether you only get to keep it for free until end of August.

Link to Bookwalker


Normally Kobo gives a date range, and the manga will both no longer be available to download for free and will drop from libraries after that range. They don’t show a date range for 「美少女戦士セーラームーン オールカラー完全版(1)」 (which looks to have the exact the same description as on Bookwalker).

The free version includes Acts 1–3 (with the paid version going up to Act 7).

Edit: Looking through the free version, the coloring team has far exceeded my expectations. I may just have to pick these up when I have the spare cash for it, for my inevitable re-read after I reach WK level 60 and know more vocabulary.


Thanks so much! I never hear about these deals! The download and read for free deadline is the end of August (2020/8/31 23:59, presumably Japanese time).

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I must admit I had never heard of Sailor Moon until it came up in the Wanikani mnemonic for firefly. Which maybe makes me a bit out of place in this book club as everyone else here seems to have been raised on it as a child!

I noticed a poster for it in Comic Stores Soho in Malaga in February, and saw you guys were reading it so I bought a copy on Book Walker. Didn’t get a chance to read it until this summer but finished the nearly 300 pages of the first 7 acts this weekend.

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading it and thanks for the suggestion. I’m not planning to carry on for now although it’s very tempting to carry on and find out what happens next…


Malaga, Spain? I’ve been there! It’s lovely.

The good news is if you do get and read volume 2, that brings you right to the end of the first story arc. (Although there is a scene at the very very end that starts to set the stage for the second story arc.)

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Sorry, I haven’t been WK-ing much lately, nor reading… I’m going to try to get caught up though! I have a new job with a commute that is much more conducive to studying!


The Dead Moon arc thread has been created:

I’ve seen a few episode of the anime for this season (Japanese, no subtitles) back in the 90’s. I look forward to finally reading through the story arc and learning more about the characters.

And finally, the Sailor Stars arc:


Reading this series has been good preparation for level 21, haha. 敵 and 目覚める, watch out!