Rules for describing a half-human creature?

So, this is kind of a funny one…I have an art book in Japanese which depicts several fantasy creatures. One in particular is half-human, half-bird. The kanji used is 半人半鳥.

The closest jisho term I could find is 半人半獣, or はんじんはんじゅう, so I think the reading is はんじんはんちょう, but I’m not 100% sure. Is this right?

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Yeah, there’s no particular reason to assume that you’d read it as anything other than ちょう.


Oh yeah an art book! I think I heard something about it. Half-man half-bird, and there’s also a half man half snake, half man half spider. And to be precise, all of the creatures are more like half-woman half-monster. And they are all happily living with a 100% man, well, more like a high school student who is happy to help all of them learn human culture. Amazing story!


Don’t know what anime this is, but here’s the excerpt if you’re curious!

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Oh wow, I see it’s Shin Megami Tensei. Is it Atlus’s artbook?

Don’t mind my previous post, I was jokingly referring to MonMusu, an ecchi show (it was pretty difficult to find a gif that would be ok to post on the forum).


LOL I got you now. And yes, it’s one of the Kazuma Kaneko art books. I have six out of eight of them, but volumes I and III are an absolute pain to find and I have yet to justify dropping $100 each on them :skull: