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I’m using an iPad and another uses her iPhone. We therefore can’t use scripts as was previously mentioned.

Integrating ruby through code becomes tedious and time consuming. It’s possible to generate tables online, I can then just copy/paste the resulting code to the forum.

I tried to google a similar function for ruby text but couldn’t find any. I’m fairly sure there’s such a thing as a Markdown word processor which would allow me to use ruby easily and then convert to code for the forum.

Is there such a thing? If so, can you provide a link please?

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You can use this tool

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I have a ruby markdown site bookmarked, which I can send you later. It won’t be as clean as the online table generator because that’s not the intended purpose of the site, but it should still work. Compared to what @d-hermit posted, it wouldn’t be quite as user friendly, but it would give you more control over where you place the furigana.

I actually took that markdown and ported it over to a Discourse plugin, but WaniKani can’t install custom plugins on their Discourse instance at the moment. If they eventually can install it, people would be able to type markdown for ruby directly into their posts instead of dealing with HTML.

It works! I’m having a hard time copy/pasting the HTML though and there’s no copy to clipboard option unfortunately. Still, it’s better than typing everything.

@seanblue Just did another google search: Markdown ruby tool converter, HTML furigana converter and various mix and match of the terms but there’s nothing there. I’m surprised.

Ah, intersting. I haven’t used iOS for a few years now. On Android I just long press and tap “select all”.

Maybe there’s gesture to do the same on iOS? Like tap 4 times?

It’s weird, I’ve tried holding down, tapping once, twice, thrice and four times but it’s really finicky. Might be a problem on my end however.

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