Ritual Cleanse

I can’t go further until i do this.
I wanna get my Apprentice to 0 again.
I don’t really know why im doin this. I feel like my WK has become “gunky”.
Maybe it’s a small pile of vocab thats been pestering me, stuck like protein powder chunks in the bottom of your shake.
Maybe i crave the feeling of being a fresh new acolyte.
Maybe i just feel dirty and worn, want myself cleaned out.
I don’t know, but i’m doin it. And i imagine i’ll do it again in the future. Maybe whenever i move up a tier.

Anyway, you guys do anything similar? What are your ritual practices?

Leave it alone for some time. You will know the time to return.

if life was making everything perfect before we move on to something else… we’d probably be still building fires. also things evolve over time so (even english) you won’t ever know everything, plus much of it might be considered (to you or me) trash and not worth learning anyway.


yeah +1 on this

if you wanna get apprentice to 0 for the sake of symbolism, go for it – but careful not to get into a state where you’ve got like <10 left and keep beating yourself up if you ever make a mistake and refusing to advance.

i’ve taken a ‘cleanse’ break before but felt satisfied when i got apprentice down to about 20-30. most leeches tend to live in guru anyway, so your apprentice count is only tangentially related - check out one of the leech scripts and make sure you’re happy with your gurus as well.

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Oh ofc. I actually originally did the “get it down really low” but it wasnt satisfying for that long. Ive just never done this before and i wanna do it, it would be very satisfiyng for me i think.

No need to worry this isnt bad for learning. Its progress either way. You dont have to go blazing through WK. Was doing that for a while too.

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