Ringotan - Free app for learning how to WRITE kanji

It uses an algorithm I helped design called SM2+, which is an extension to the popular SM2 algorithm used by Anki but a lot more flexible.

There is no “burned” category. Everything will be shown again eventually, though for the stuff you’ve proven you know well, that could be years.

If you want to review specific kanji, you could do a custom review.


Amazing :star_struck:

That’s really good to know, thank you!! Appreciate the quick response too :smiling_face:

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This will be fixed in the next update (v0.21)

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Love this app , it is simple and do the job !

would be great to have free handwriting or see what we draw as a option this would be really good for better handwriting . (i m using a stylus )

The katakana WO seem to be not disponible in custom review , a bug i presume


This was added as an option (“Snap to kanji”) in the latest version, 0.21.

It was released on Sunday for Android, and should be live later today on iOS.

However, note that while individual strokes are shown as they’re drawn, they still snap to the kanji after releasing your finger/pen. This is due to how the input detection works - to allow for fully freestyle drawing, the input detection would need to be completely rewritten (and wouldn’t work nearly as well).

This was also fixed in the latest version.


Thank you !

i m in the latest release v0.21 (release 43) (google play store didn’t have more recent update )
it is not here , i have try to on/off the option learn katakana it did not change , i have reset no change

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Oh! I was thinking of a bug causing a few kana to be missing, but this is different.

I purposefully left ヲ out because it’s so rare it might as well be hentaigana. In five years of studying Japanese I’ve seen it in native material maybe two times. I also did not include ゐ/ヰ and ゑ/ヱ

If people feel strongly I can add it back in, but it did not seem like a good use of time. I figured by the time someone encounters it in actual native material, they’ll have learned it from some other source anyways.


Hi there! I’m using the iOS app, but after inserting the 学 kanji on a lesson, and getting it correct, when clicking on proceed the app crashed. Kept crashing everytime I’ve tried the lesson after writing that kanji. Tried to set the whole lesson as ‘just learned’ to see if I could keep using the app, but now the app just crashes everytime I try to open a lesson, making the app unusable.

iPad Pro 12.9, iOS 16, Minna no Nihongo Path

I’m enjoying the app, thank you for your effort :mechanical_arm:


Used it for a while and seems neat. I’m currently burning my first items so this will fill the void in my heart.

If you like to tinker and fill niches in niches then s-pen support would be cool.

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I’m unable to reproduce this, and don’t see anything in the App Store crash logs (I think it takes a few days). Could you go to Settings → Export Backup and post the backup file to the Ringotan bug reports page, or email it to me at BlueRaja.admin@gmail.com?

AFAIK pens should be supported automatically, as they work the same as fingers. Unless there’s some special feature of the S-Pen you were hoping to be supported?

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Sure, have just sent it via e-mail. If you need anything else, please let me know. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Mostly just “pen only” mode so I don’t fail just by touching the area with my fingers or palm.

Another thing was that on Tab S7 FE the box is still quite big at 25% and since the pen is very precise it could be good to get handwriting to smaller size with this app.

Could even have an option to gradually make the box smaller when you progress the kanji.

\Ramblings over

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Just following up for others who run into this - I’ve located the issue and am working on a fix now. In the meanwhile, you can work around the issue by disabling “pronunciations” in the settings.


I’ve added tickets for these suggestions here and here.