Ringotan - Free app for learning how to WRITE kanji

Some characters are actually written differently in Japanese than they are in Chinese. In this screenshot for example, the top kanji is Chinese, while the bottom is Japanese



I am able to open the settings!

I don’t see how/where to change the number of kanji knew in the settings.
There is also a theme issue:



For example using HTML, you have to specify the language so that the kanji is displayed correctly for the intended language:

<span lang="zh-CN">直</span> =
<span lang="ja-JP">直</span> =

<span lang="zh-CN">絵</span> =
<span lang="ja-JP">絵</span> =


Quite a few examples in here


I really enjoy this, thank you so much for sharing! どうもありがとうございます!

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Fixed in v0.13.2. Link to ticket.

Thanks for being such a great tester :sweat_smile:


I just did another review and could not reproduce the bug either. Will post a bug report if I encounter it again.

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After review I pressed continue, and got a pretty weird session. The progress bar started with one green part, a lot of brightest yellow and a lot of black. During the reviews that followed, some lessons were also intertwined. The hints progressed nicely, but the progress bar didn’t change at all. At some point, I also kept getting the same old reviews over and over again. After stopping the session and restarting the lessons manually, the session went just fine, and it had also saved the progress of the weird session, so somewhere something is being saved at least :sweat_smile:


Well I am Turing Complete. :wink:

Cool. Signed up. :smiley::+1:


I tried it out. It’s really frustrating. The checker is very strict but at the same time I don’t even know what I’m drawing because my strokes aren’t shown. I’m used to the Google Handwriting input which is much more reasonable.

Plus, I couldn’t figure out how to just jump in to practice writing random stuff. I found the lesson picker but what am I supposed to pick things 1 by 1?


I just finished my first batch of lessons, and I realized that for some Kanji I really needed to guess the right strokes order - after I made a couple of mistakes the app showed me how the character should be drawn.

It would be awesome if the app behaved in the other way around, ie first a couple of “demos” (greyed out character, then pointers) and then it checked if I am doing it right or not.

All in all, it is very promising, and I am looking forward to use it regularly in my studies!! (≧▽≦)


Definitely agree with this.

I will say this though: I’m really glad you made this as there is a shortage of options for digital writing practice.

Is there a particular reason you chose to implement l your drawing canvas and recognitio[n differently from Skritter and Kanji Study? Both of those work really well (though the latter lacks SRS, which is a big bummer for me). I find myself having to guess a lot and that even for kanji I know how to write, it’s very strict with absolute positioning. Another frustration is that all the green and red dots get confusing and it’s not always clear why a prompt with dots appears at times, why it’s without dots other times, why it shows strokes other times, or absolutely nothing other times.

The UI on the whole reminds me of what Skritter was like in v1 (about 3 years ago).

I know this comes across as awfully critical, and I do apologize for it, I don’t mean to discourage at all, but I figured the honest feedback may be of use.


It worked like a charm for me. Thank you for putting the effort into this! Kanji handwriting has always been something I felt I should work on.
The red/green dots system was a tad bit confusing sometimes in my opinion, but maybe it’s just a matter of getting used to it. I’ll try to integrate this into my studies. どうもありがとう!

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Thank you really much for this App! I will totally try it out since I was searching for something like this (even thought about programming something like this by myself).

One small thing which was inconvienient for me was the slider in the beginning to choose my Wanikani Level. It was hard for me to choose the correct level on my smart phone.

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Yeah the “keep going” currently intermixes new lessons with reviews. However I don’t actually like that behavior, and have a ticket for changing it in the future to be only reviews.

I’m not sure what you mean here. The strokes should be shown as you draw them. I’ve also tried to make the checker as lenient as possible, though there are still a few tweaks I plan on making.

Could you maybe take a video of what you are seeing? Enabling debug mode (under options) for that might also help me figure out what’s going on.

This is how it works already!

I think the confusion might come from the fact that the very first session consists of reviews for kanji that you already know, based on what you selected in the startup wizard. I think I could make this less confusing by always having the first session consist only of lessons for new kanji, not reviews. I’ve added this as a ticket in my backlog - thanks!

I think this is also a result of showing the user reviews before lessons if they selected some kanji as “known” in the startup wizard. Starting with some lessons should hopefully clear up this confusion.

Good point! I’ve got a number of improvements I’d like to make to that screen - I’ll include something for that as well. Thanks!

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I did the same. I have next to no writing experience at all, so I’m just going to see if this will help me to get there starting with the basics.


OK, I played around with the debug mode and figured out why I don’t like this input.

Seems like you’re essentially checking for the proximity of my strokes to a predefined curve. True, the error radius is pretty generous but it forces me to follow a specific path, essentially a font. I bet most Japanese people’s (sloppy) handwriting wouldn’t pass the check.

So what irritates me the most is that the app doesn’t show what I actually write. It highlights the predefined path as I draw close to it.

It’s similar to how frustrating the lag is on a cheap drawing tablet.

And the helper dots are confusing for me too.


“Free,” until you realize I’d have to spend hundreds on a compatible phone. :man_shrugging:

Edit: This is meant to sound somewhat comedic, but I don’t think that came across.

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What model phone are you on that it’s not working? And what is the issue?