Rikaichan FF extension patched for WK

This is a copy of the rikaichan extension for firefox patched with WK kanji level information.


If you want to try it and already have rikaichan installed I recommend uninstalling it, restarting firefox, and then installing this version.
I had something weird happen when I tried to install it as an upgrade.

Cool!Any chance of getting this working for chrome?

I don't have a paid google chrome store developer account, so I can't publish it there.
Here is a zip file of rikaikun for chrome patched with WaniKani kanji level information.

To load it you need to go to the chrome extension panel. Check "Developer mode".
Then click "Load unpacked extension..." and select the extracted zip.
Chrome will ask if you want to disable it every time it loads.

If someone wants to post it to their chrome store developer account I don't mind.
They could make it an unlisted extension and post the link here.