Rewind each sentence or watch the whole way through?

Just after advice and what you think is the best method for listening practice.

As well as using Erin’s Challenge, I’ve been trying to listen to simple stories and fairy tales on YouTube. I usually rewind the video to listen carefully to each sentence trying to pick out what I understand. Is this the best method, or is it better to watch the whole thing and just try your best to pick out what you know? My listening skills are poorest so I really need good practice!

I would not recommend stopping to check every word you don’t understand. You don’t get that liberty in real one-way listening situations (instructions in a crowded place, for instance) and you won’t get that liberty on a test, so it’s a good habit to get out of.

After you give it a good try, then go back and check.


Personally, I just listen and try to enjoy the experience of hearing the words I do know, while getting accustomed to the sounds of the ones I do not know. It can make things pretty miserable to be super analytical while listening. But I guess it could pay off. I prefer to go the quantity route. My listening is pretty decent so I can vouch for the quantity route, but it takes more time. It is more pleasant as well though. So I guess it depends on your specific goals.


Could be worthwhile just watching through then checking later. I have trouble picking up words I know when I see written down. It’s really off putting to keep rewinding and taking an hour to watch a short video but I just assumed that was what most people do.

I also try to search for videos with subs in Japanese, it really helps to read along and listen, as long as that isn’t going to do me harm in the long run somehow?

I think it’s useful to remember what they’ve talked about on the Tofugu podcast a few times, which is that you should be able to understand about 80% of something if it’s going to be useful as a learning resource. If you’re having to rewind every sentence then it may be that what you’re using is too advanced for you. I’ve done this myself with certain shows, going through sentence by sentence, but I stopped because if you’re having to do that then it’s too much for you to take in at one time, so I wasn’t learning anything from it.

I think listening through the whole thing, then going back to catch anything you missed, is probably a better option.


Sometimes it is too depressing when I still do not understand the phrases after rewinding the videos.You cannot enjoy the story if you keep rewinding the movie or drama.

My friends and me like learning Japanese. For me, I like watching drama and listening to jpop music.I follow karaoke to sing and it helps me memorise the words and listening skills.

But for video oriented, you tube is the popular and easy way to watch japanese video or listen to the music. Apart from these, my friend who likes japanese develops a new free video flashcard for beginner to practice listening skills. You can listen to the characters speak one phrase and then memorise it, it also shows the meanings and usage of the words. I guess it is useful to the beginners and it is fun for the anime lover.

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