Reviews suddenly up 60-80 in the morning

Oh wow, I’ve never seen that graph before. It certain helps explain my situation. A while ago I had reset my level ~16 account because I had been inactive on WaniKani for a few years. I managed to get all the way up to level 22 in a somewhat timely fashion, but have now been on level 22 for about the past 2 months.

According to this chart, levels 21-22 are at the peak workload for WaniKani. It also didn’t help that around the same time I reached level 22 was when the radical name changes and mnemonic changes happened.

I’ve only just recently managed to get my reviews to a manageable level and have started the process of going through my available lessons so I can finally get to the next level.

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That chart is just to make a point when people complain about WaniKani being too slow at the beginning. Don’t take it too literally. :slight_smile:

Basically when you start getting Burn reviews you’re at peak WaniKani load (ignoring other factors like changing lesson load or failing a lot of reviews). That said, if you are going near full speed (~7 days a level) then I believe that point is around level 25.


Yeah I think if we could help get your accuracy up to 70-80% it’d be a game changer.

Is there any pattern to it? Like do you have a harder time with kanji or vocab? Meanings or readings? Do you use the mnemonics, and/or make your own?

Unless you go full speed after hitting the danger zone in the 40s, where every level can be completed in like, 3 and a half days. Then get ready for a wild ride.


I find I need less than 100 apprentice for the reviews to fit into my schedule. I don’t do lessons if it’s above that and frankly prefer it to be far below that because when you get items about to be burned and you’ve forgotten them all of a sudden you have too many. They seem to come in waves.

I have recently found that while slower, I learn better at night. The 4 hours becomes 8-12 but I remember more, it feels like only a few hours have gone by and to my awake brain it’s kinda true. Science also says that sleep is crucial for learning so I’m not sure if that’s why or just because I’m not a morning person (despite the fact I have to get up at 5am for work).

The other thing was that I was doing all my reviews on my tablet which is great when I’m away from home but I discovered it’s significantly slower for me. So now I limit the time on the tablet and use my laptop as much as I can.

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