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When completing reviews on Safari, selecting the field to answer triggers the ‘Autofill Contact’ prompt. While not a huge issue, it’s just kind of weird to have my full name staring at me while learning :rofl:. Is there any way to fix this myself or is it all on the site side? It only seems to happen on reviews, didn’t see it on my lessons.


Hey there gladial! We’ve had this come up a few times and I think the solution is to turn off the autofill contact function on your phone.

-Nick at WK

Disabling this entire feature because of one site misbehaving sounds quite extensive to me.

According to StackExchange, it’s possible to turn suggestions off for one website only: macos - Disable Safari autofill for one website - Ask Different.

Another thing WaniKani team could try would be adding autocomplete=off to the input in question. Safari ignores it for certain often-used field names, but this shouldn’t be such a case.

Edit: yep, that’s already there.


Hey eagleflo! Thanks for bringing this up. I believe autocomplete=off is currently how the input functions since we don’t want a phone’s autocomplete feature to offer potential answers to English meanings, or Japanese readings for that matter.

I can bring this up to the Dev team again to see if there is another solution. @gladial, would you mind reaching out to and copy/paste this forum post? Could you also include your browser and OS info (and version)?

-Nick at WK

Sure, thanks for such a quick response!

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