Reviews not starting properly, is this a known problem with a specific script?

these last few days i’ve had intermittent trouble when starting to do reviews.

the reviews load, but sometimes they are the wrong colour (e.g. pink instead of purple for vocab), and on reading reviews it doesn’t change my input to hiragana. i’m also sometimes in what appears to be lightning mode, which i’ve never used before. it also doesn’t sort my reviews.

after a couple of restarts it will suddenly start working properly again.

is this a known issue with any of the scripts i’m using?

screenshot shows some of the described problems and lists my scripts:

currently it’s not letting me start my reviews properly at all. so i’m going to start going through the process of disabling and restarting my scripts bit by bit, to try to figure out what’s causing this.

but if anybody actually knows what’s going on, i’d be grateful ^^

edit: of course, right after writing this it decides to start working again. which means i can’t debug, as it’s working. but as this has been going on for several days now, i’d still be glad if anybody had any ideas about what’s going on

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I read yesterday in the Reorder Omega thread that other people were having similar intermittent problems. The current theory is that it has something to do with the Queue Manipulator, but since the problem is intermittent, no one has been able to gather enough info to reliably replicate the error yet.

Anyway, the discussion starts [here].


awesome, thank you ^^

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I am seeing the exact same issue as well. Not every time, but almost every time. When I start a review, if the first item in the review is a reading it either:

a) Will not accept any typed input for a while (about 10 seconds) and then will accept input, then not show any colour change upon entering (to indicated correct/incorrect), will just move to next item and the reading for that first item will come up again (i.e. as if it never happened the first time).

b) Will not convert input to hiragana, like you mentioned. I just now encountered this and tried entering the reading in hiragana directly, but it just then did a) above.

Occasionally, when this happens, when enter is accepted for the first item I will be returned back to the main page instead of the review proceeding.

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