Reviews in one sitting?

How many reviews are considered too many for you personally in one sitting? I used to think 100-150 was a ton but now not so much. Just curious.

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It depends on the time and energy you have to spend on them…

I usually need about 20 seconds per review so, 100 items means aproximayely one hour. Of course it varies if you are more or less focused.

So maybe if you’re married with children and have a full time job, 100 items is a lot.

For me around 250 is the limit in one sitting in optimal conditions, but that perception can surely change in time :wink:

P. S. I just love that PFP of yours :rofl: I’ll try to find a larger version to use it as wallpaper :grin:


With Anki mode and back to back I fly through mine. I do a few hundred in about 30 minutes. So, personally, I’m not really fussed about a high review count. At that point, the biggest problem is my short attention span, which leads me to Reddit or Youtube in the middle of my reviews, or … the forums …


Depends on the time I guess, if it’s at night at time, anything above 150 is quite annoying but I gotta do it, probably space it out within a few hours and get it down to 0. But that type of number any other time of day, I just do multiple sessions throughout the day, doing more than that hour introduced, maybe 1-2 sessions a day.

I try not to do 1 sitting sessions anymore, but sometimes I stall too much and by the end of the night when I should start getting ready to sleep, I still have a lot of reviews but at that point I just do it in one sitting so I can hurry up and close my PC asap.

I just like doing small sessions now, less stressful for me since I’m going at full speed


I tend to just do 25-30 at the most in one go. I don’t want items to get back in big batches. So if I notice there’s a lot of items I nail in one SRS-stage, for example Master or Enlightened, I’ll stop the review session and start a new one later on.


I haven’t tried anki mode i gotta give it a try

date a live is such a masterpiece lmao kurumi is my fav character :joy:

For me, I am most comfortable when there are about 10-30 items in the review pile.

Manageable for me means about 40-70… which might mean I do the reviews in 3 or 4 sittings.

If my review pile is above 100, I don’t enjoy it… and I start using vacation mode to manage my time and thought-processing.

Note: I basically do WK while waiting for public transportation, during my lunch break, or … other sitting…

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I think 20-30 in one sitting is my preferred amount. 30-40 isn’t too bad, though. 50+ is when things start pushing it for me. Often if the number gets that high for some reason, I’ll split them up just so that they don’t all come back in those same numbers :sweat_smile:.

I do a minimum three sessions each day, but almost always do more than that, often probably double at least. Most of my reviews come in at night, and I’m almost always at home then, so it’s rare that something prevents me from doing them in several sessions.

Honestly, seeing that I have some standing reviews and that a 24 review pile is about to become 53 review pile is usually enough of an incentive for me to get those 24 reviews knocked out before the hour rolls over haha.


85+ and I am a broken man by the end. I usually try to only do 2 sessions a day, but if that number is gonna go over 80, I take it on early or do half and do the next half in the next hour.

When I’m at work, anything above 50 is a bit much to get done during my break times without rushing (and screwing up more because of it.) At home I don’t really care, I don’t mind having to review large piles, though I’ve never let it grow to more than 200 before. Generally I do them as soon as they come up.

I never let it get until that much when I’m awake. I usually do wanikani randomly, although the only habit I make is after I woke up and checking my ensemble stars account, I do my wanikani reviews.

at this time, the max I ever get is 200ish reviews. this mostly happened in the morning, usually after I level up and binge my lessons. so I play enstars as usual, then do my wk reviews. I tried not to care about the number, I just click the review button and when I saw the vocab I just go ‘oh well let’s do this.’

then when I finished 50, usually I would go back to dashboard and click the review button again. I repeat this for about 3/4 times if the reviews is around 200, personally like the way the pipe color on the above get faster and faster lol everytime I finish a review.

It’s rare occassion though, like once in a very while. I usually do my reviews 30 per sitting. and I never want to saw it but I think my mood will dampen if I saw 500 - 600 reviews on my dashboard … I don’t think it’s possible for me to like, do it in one sitting.

I usually get around 150-180 when I get home from school and that is fine, when there are more than 250 it’s a bit much, but I am still going to do them in one sitting.

Around 20 minutes is my max in one sitting before I start to lose focus and make mistakes. This translates to roughly around 150 - 200 reviews most of the time. Luckily don’t hit those numbers too often :sweat_smile:

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I used to split my review sessions whenever I had over 300 reviews. Nowadays the pile is rarely above 100 since I’m not getting new lessons and I do it daily. Even back when I would have pile-ups now and then I wouldn’t always do big sessions, but rather use the “wrap up” function repeatedly to completely finish 10 reviews at a time and just do like 20-30 every now and then throughout the day.

I do reviews 3 times a day, every day. This means my reviews range from 50-90 in the morning and evening and between 10-20 in the afternoon. This is the most manageable amount for me. I am also learning with BunPro and ToriiSRS in the same pattern, so I’m actually reviewing many more things in this cycle. I think I am about 50% vocabulary, 40% Kanji and 10% grammar.

400 is getting up there, but doable. I’m so used to doing 350ish reviews in a sitting, doing them in an hour.

But to answer the question, anything above 400 I tend to try to split them. Most I’ve done in a sitting is like 550.

You get used to it fairly quickly, all that is needed is a good keyboard and tons of stimulants (coffee or prescriptions).

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I would say it depends on how fas you are. When I am focused I can do 100 reviews in 10 minutes, so 300 doesn’t seem so bad, but if I am not focused 100 reviews might take me 30 minutes and that’s all I do


As a user of 3 SRS websites any more than 0 is too much :sweat_smile: I’ll do all of them in one go though, just to get it over with. Any more than 150+ is doable but still wayyyy too taxing for me.

300 would be too much for me probably but I don’t think I have let them stack up that much. depending on where I am in the level stage I regularly have to do 200 and my focus breaks a couple times but I am usually able to do it in one sitting.