Reviews done

Finally completed my 800 reviews.
did yesterday 300 and finished the other 500 a min ago.

Though to do 80 a day to finish all but the next day everything came back, so I pushed myself extra hard to complete everything in one time.

Now I can do my reviews the normale way again.
Time to get some rest.

Goodnight smile:


Good job! :smile:

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How do you people even get a review count this high :scream: I despair when I see a batch of 200, and by then there are no reviews incoming for a long time, except an occasional small batch of Enlightened’s. Anyway, congrats for tanking that glacier of doom :smile:


Mate, I’m sitting on 1364 reviews right now.


I’ve been averaging 400 reviews a day for a while now :rofl:

Next 24 hours: 416
Next 3 days: 872
Next 7 days: 1694
Next 14 days: 2577

I traded MMO gaming for this :man_shrugging:

@izildop Great job clearing the queue! Just stay on top of it so it doesn’t build up like that :wink:
I only have lots cause I’m crazy :stuck_out_tongue:


You are the man!

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You can do like 200 - 300 a day. Push yourself for a week and you will be fine.

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This is how I usually roll. If I tried to do the reviews as they came to me, then I would burn out hard.

Just got another 300 today haha.

TBH just reading this makes me feel tired :(. 416? That’s SO many…

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During the last 10ish levels you can complete them at fastest possible only 3 days 12 hours. Some people actually do try to get as close to that as they can and end up with crazy amounts of reviews as such. Even not counting those levels once you get to the higher levels you just naturally end up getting a lot more reviews. Every day I seem to get 200 reviews daily minimum, it’s a chill day when I get less than that.

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400 would have sounded like a lot to me too when I was Lvl 12, now it’s just normal.

I do most of them right before and after sleeping, outside of that I break them down into batches of ~50 or so throughout the day.

It’s not so bad :slight_smile:

@izildop Try not to sweat those 300! My reviews are a steady stream because I sped through the whole thing, but you can afford to tackle only ~50% of your reviews each day and still make progress towards a more balanced workload again.

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