Reviews blocked by iPhone “Parental Controls”

The review page for WaniKani turns up “restricted” using an iPhone with restrictive parental controls. This wasn’t a problem until I updated to iOS 11. While it would seem most appropriate to bring this issue up with Apple, I figured it would fall on deaf ears. So, I’m here:slight_smile:

The first solution would be to have the site accessed by allowing it via parental controls. For reasons that are better left undiscused, I’m not able to do this haha. My phone is my only means for using WaniKani and so I’m kind of stuck unable to review until I can sort this.

Thanks for help in advance. For reference, I’ll include a screenshot of both Safari and Chrome. The main WaniKani page can be accessed, just not the review section.


It’s strange that the main page works but not the reviews, I think the protection system wants to scan the website but fails because the review page is dynamically generated. The “usual” ways around like proxies won’t work, you will have to get the page white-listed :wink:

Edit: what happens in the WK apps?

Hilarious. Maybe it detects the definition of the 云 radical and thinks it’s something naughty? Try browsing the radical/kanji/vocab list, or visiting this frisky vocabulary item.

As to how to bypass it on the PrisonPhone - no clue. Can you install apps?

Allegedly you can disable 4-digit protected parental protections by making a backup, extracting the password hash and brute forcing it, see: Article

Thanks for the reply!

App also fails to load the page :confused:

Wow, I will try this ASAP! Thank you so much!

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