Reviewing by levels

Hey all, I enjoy using Wanikani (already level 40 something I don’t know) but I’ve been extremely busy for the last few months. I understand that vacation mode is there to temporarily pause the stream of reviews, but I would also like to have the ability to review at my own pace without the inconvenience of having to turn vacation mode on and off in the settings.
Yes, I can also just do reviews 10 or 20 at a time, but sometimes it messes up the flow and I’ll end up with around 5 of items from my current level with 3/5 progress bars filled while the rest are still 2/5 (or even 1/5!)

Maybe we can have a feature to be able to do reviews based on levels?

It’s not a defaut feature of the site, but you can do this with a reorder userscript.

[Userscript]: Reorder Ultimate 2 [newest] - WaniKani / API And Third-Party Apps - WaniKani Community

You can filter which reviews come in which order by a number of different things, including level number.


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