Review Stack down to 0 for first time since January

I just got my review stack down to zero for the first time in almost a year! For most of the year the stack had over 1000 built up… and yes I was stuck at that same level for the entire time.

I somehow managed to waste an entire year not learning any new kanji, but I am determined to do better in 2021!

After dramatically failing the N2 last week I have a renewed vigor.

Has anyone else made a successful comeback after falling behind on their reviews for this long?


This is inspiring i have no amazign comeback story but i have a glorious stack of 946 reviews and 121 lessons that have been building up whenever i wasn;t in vacation mode throughout this year, maybe i can get my reviews back to mangeable before the new year : )


You can do it! I knocked a lot of vocab down from master to apprentice while playing catch-up, but I now have a manageable schedule, I think!
I very optimistically never turned on vacation mode, always thinking I’d get back into it tomorrow… for a year


I had a similar experience this year. I managed to get my reviews down to 400 once…but then I sat at over 1000 for almost the entire year. I would sporadically do some reviews, but only a couple hundred here, couple hundred there…

I finally got my reviews down to 0 last week, so yay us! I’m happy to be back on track. I’m planning a trip to Japan in a couple of years (pending the vaccine situation), so that gave me my kick in the pants.


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