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Is there a way that the “solution tab”, while doing reviews opens automaticly, if you get an answer wrong?
Especially when a new Level is available i get like 70 new lessons and when i do the reviews for the first few times I get a small amount of wrong answers and i have to switch between keyboard and mouse all the time to open the solution tab, which is pretty annoying. I think the kanji/vocabulary wont get easier the further i progress, so i think this will become more of a problem to me.

Greetings from Japan :smiley:

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I believe the [Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x) has this functionality.


There’s a keyboard shortcut that opens it – if I remember right, it’s the key F.


Thank you, the F-Key works.

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The script I linked will open it automatically on a wrong answer, so if you want to try that it’s there.

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