Review radicals while learning Hiragana

Hi everyone,

I’m a beginner in WaniKani and just did all Level 1 radical reviews.
I’m now learning Hiragana and Katagana so that I can continue with the following lessons.
While I’m learning Hiragana and Katagana is it possible to repeat radical reviews so that I don’t forget the radicals I already learned?


Yes. There will be many review sessions. You will only stop reviewing them if they reach burned status, which is some 3 months away. Read the FAQ and guide for more info.

You’re right, sorry, now I saw on dashboard there will be more reviews in 5 days!
I thought I would have only more reviews after doing the following lessons!

Thank you!!

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I may seem slow at first (#1 newbie comment), but the reviews are spaced out purposely to make you really learn them well. If you get them wrong you will see than more often, get them right and the system will let it ride a while before asking again. It’s all very scientific :wink:

(Edit: wrong reply to, sorry Mr Elf)

Yes, you’re right!
I was only afraid as I was “pausing” WaniKani to learn the other stuff and didn’t follow the following lessons I wouldn’t get more reviews until I come back, but now I see when the next reviews will happen!


A word of advice: I studied hiragana for quite a while before starting WaniKani, but it didn’t really sink in until I started being forced to use it here for kanji reviews, now hiragana is almost like the English alphabet to me. I’m still complete trash at katakana, but the new Duolingo Japanese course is pressing me a little more on that, so maybe I’ll improve thanks to using it there.

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Thanks for the advice!

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