Review method - deep recall or quick reaction

This interests me. There definitely seem to be two camps: review misses after the session (but keep on chugging while doing your reviews), and review misses as you go along.

I’m in the latter camp myself, but I can see pros and cons to both. To my mind, the main wins with reviewing right after missing include:

  • The info I need is RIGHT THERE, just a click or two away.

  • My mind is already in the context of that specific item. When I see the correct answer, I usually know immediately why I missed it. I also tend to have a good feel for whether I’ve been missing it a lot lately and if it’s worth taking the time to figure out why (often by adding the character I’m confusing it with to the Niai script if it isn’t already there and really focusing on the differences, sometimes creating new mnemonics).

  • When I finish my daily review session my only decision is how many lessons to do (sometimes zero). I’ve honestly never looked at anything other than my miss rate at the end of a review session!

On the other hand I can understand wanting to think somewhat modally: Doing reviews (testing yourself) then reviewing all the mistakes.

Personally, I don’t think I could stand knowing I had a small pile of misses that need further review at the end of a session. I’m not sure I’d have the discipline to work through them all.

In houses with a “clean your plate” mandate, I’ve seen kids pick out the vegetables they don’t like and eat them all-at-once either before or after eating everything else so they can enjoy “the good bits” without irritation. I’ve also seen kids that take an occasional bite of the despised vegetable as they go along, expressly so they won’t have a big pile to work through (the occasional small bite isn’t as much of an ordeal). I was that latter kid!