Review item deferred on reading when hitting enter

I just did my reviews when it happened: When it asks for the reading and I hit enter without typing an answer (blank) it skips to the next item. I often do this because I have a font changing script that turns the item back to vanilla font upon hinting enter on a blank answer. The skipping only happens on reading questions and it happens every time I do it. It won’t get marked wrong or anything but just places it back in the queue. It was still fine yesterday…

Is this maybe related to this issue?

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Are you sure it was placed back in the cue and not marked correct?
The solved case linked had the items marked actually correct.

A new WK update didn’t go well with the Double-Check script, this miss match caused the bug.

If you are using the Double-Check script, there is a new update out that fixes it =)

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Thanks for the replies. I updated the double-check script a few days before because of the multiple audio error and the items were really placed back in the cue. I tested it on the very last item and everytime i hit enter on it it came back up with a new randomized font. I’m quite sure about the others aswell.
I will do a pile of reviews later and check if the bug remains. If yes, I’ll try updating the script(s) and report back then.

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Sounds like a script issue, not a wanikani issue

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Ok, it was the double-check script. I didn’t have any misses on the last reviews so I didn’t notice that it skipped wrong answers. I purposely gave a wrong answer just now and it actually marked it right. Now that I updated the script again it works as it should. Thank you for your input.


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