Reusability of Promo Codes

If I use a promo code to get a month of wanikani for 50% off, then will I be able to reuse the same code the next month?
Also, whether the answer is yes or no, will I be able to use the same promo code to upgrade to a yearly subscribtion of wanikani for 50% off?


It should say on the subscription page whether the code is permanent or not.

I know that this might sound stupid, but just for reassurance: if its permanent it’ll work every time?

I believe it will work every time for monthly and annual, but not lifetime.

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k great!
thank you so much!!!

It won’t work for more than one lifetime? That’s discrimination against Buddhists!!


The real indignity is that Koichi comes to your funeral and publicly closes your account when you die, so it can’t be used by anyone else.

They are serious about it only being a lifetime subscription.


To be fair, it doesn’t work for any lifetimes, so no discrimination!


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