Returning to the Pain (_Rinse’s Study Log)

こんにちは、皆さん!Your favorite @_Rinse has returned.

(To do nothing but post an “I’m still alive!” message.)

I’ve just been busy, as usual. I wanna get back to WaniKani but I don’t wanna promise myself anything yet. I’ll post again if I manage to do something wahaha.



Posting to say that while I haven’t been logging it, I’ve been trying to get through reviews the last few weeks. (Currently 1639 reviews…) I don’t think I’ll be able to fully get back to WaniKani yet, but I’m getting there!



Been making progress on the reviews. I know most of them are burn reviews, so I’m not too worried.


(Hundredth Post!)

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That being said…

Progress Update:

Been working on reviews on and off. Down to 1296 reviews currently. Around 450 of those are burn reviews, so I’m not worried about them, so that leaves around 800 reviews. 250-300 of those 800 are for enlightened, and I’m mildly confident on those. The remaining 500-550 are guru and apprentice, most of which I’m guessing are leeches and stuff that I just learned before my break. Those are gonna be the most painful to get through I’m guessing.

Anyway, I’m staying optimistic. Let’s do this!


Currently down to 1046 reviews. For the first time in many months, I think I’m going to be dropping below 1000 reviews!

Still, the 327 apprentice count is scaring me, especially because I know a lot of those are leeches. Not sure what I’m going to do about it yet, right now I’m focusing on just burning items and getting all the reviews I’m confident on out of the way, so I can get a better look on the things I wanna work on.

Renamed the thread to reference l_l’s thread, because I think what I’m recording here at this point seems similar to their experiences right now.


For the first time in months, I’ve finally dropped below 1000 reviews. I’m not gonna lie, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. Gonna use this as fuel to keep me moving forward. 日本語を勉強する時間だ!!

(Though I’m pretty sure 「日本語勉強時間」would’ve sufficed. Let me be overrexcited about grammar!)


I reset to level 10.


I’ve been insisting to myself that I wouldn’t reset and that I could get through the giant review pile (and I know I could, I was making substantial progress,) but I really stopped to think about it. There was no reason except for my pride that was making me insist on not resetting. I think I could benefit from freshly learning the items I’ve forgotten at a more sane pace, instead of trying to relearn them in a sea of reviews.

Really, I should’ve been thinking of it in a more logical way. I looked through my items and looked for what SRS level I started struggling, and while I could’ve reset to lower than 10, I was a bit scared too reset too far back, so I just decided on a less scary amount, only 4 levels back.

This time around, I’m thinking of taking things at a slower pace, because last run I couldn’t manage WaniKani and all my other obligations at the same time. Now, I’m more confident I can do it as long as I take it slower and actually use vacation mode properly.

I hope that this will help overall and make getting back into WaniKani an easier experience.



I’m now a lifetime user! I bought during the sale but decided I should make an update post about it. I think it was a good decision now that I know what kind of pacing I’d like to take.


I’ve been trying working on reviews consistently and currently I’m checking in once a week or so but I wanna go for daily. I’m still burning things but once that’s done it’ll just be my leeches, which I have a frustrating amount of.

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Progress. I’ve got around 30-50 reviews coming in every day.

Just finished up a 160 review session. I am now seeing that I have a lot more leeches than I thought. I’m guessing around a 100.

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Still making progress, my apprentice seems to be going down!! I’ve decided I want to start lessons again when my apprentice goes below 75 at most. I think I probably have around 75 - 100 leeches maybe and I want to start working through those separately, before or perhaps while starting lessons again slowly. I want to limit myself to maybe 20 lessons a day, but maybe more because the next few levels are going to be mostly review for me.

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I counted my leeches so I could study them separately and it turns out I have less than I thought I did (around 50)! Hopefully I am able to resume lessons soon, I’m thinking in 1 - 2 weeks at this point, because my apprentice is going down pretty fast, and half of the stuff is in there because of typos.

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Making quick progress! My apprentice is below 100 for the first time in a long while. I will probably restart lessons when my apprentice reaches 25 - 50, and limit myself to 15 a day maybe. I’m still thinking about it. Mostly I want to keep track of my review counts and see if I could handle more reviews on top of what I already have.

I’ve also start studying my leeches separately and it seems to be helping!


Just did my first lessons in nearly a year, and my review count is at 0 for the first time in nearly a year as well.

My apprentice is also way below 100 and I hope to continue keep it below 100 from now on. I’m thinking maybe 50 - 90 range.

Here is my review timeline, though it isn’t very accurate, I’m not sure exactly what’s going on with it. I do think the apprentice count is accurate though.

Here is my stats, I just wanted to add them. My accuracy took a really serious hit after I stopped using WaniKani for a few months.

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(General Progress Post)

Remaining Lessons + Reviews

(I hope I can reach 0/0 somewhere in this level.)

Level Progress

I’ve been doing 5 - 15 lessons a day and have been doing my reviews pretty consistently. I’m not exactly sure when I’m going to level up but it’ll probably be within the next 1-2 weeks.

Item Distribution

My current plans are to do 10 - 15 lessons daily, always sorting by vocabulary first. I’m not exactly sure what pace that’ll put me at yet but we will see as I go I guess. I’ve decided I definitely want to get to level 60, so I think once I find a good pace I’ll stick with it until I reach level 60. I also would like to work on grammar but I think I’m too busy for that at the moment, so I’ll figure it out later.


0/0 for the first time in probably a year. Feeling very good! Will level up soon.