Returning to talk on 返


Meaning Mnemonic
The devil has a little water slide under his arm. He’s taking it back to Target to return it. He says it has too much water in it, and he’s not a fan of water.

Think of the absurdity of the situation. He also waits in line, despite being all that is evil. When he gets to the counter, he’s very polite about it, but gets mad when they say no returns, just store credit.

Well, maybe.

Maybe instead:

The water slide is about going and motion.

通る to go by
送る to send

And then we have anti 反 on a water slide about going?
Anti-going is returning.

Maybe though こいち is onto something. Jesus is likely involved and put all the water on the slide.

And it’s some religious prophecy about the second 返.


I’d like to order whatever you’re drinking, please. :joy:


It’s just water, but I spilled it all over a slide.


Then you should return it for another.

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I did. They said water is free and gave me another water, and I just spilled it on the slide again.

I found a 好逑.
Spilling water on a slide is very important for finding my 好逑.

What? Where are you going with this?

Water 水
Slide ⻍
Water on a slide 逑 (pair)
Water on a slide is very important for finding my 好逑. (good spouse)

Where am I going with this? 寝室.

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