Returning from Japan with 79 books of Japanese Manga!

Trigun??? Oh yes!!


Oof, hard to say. Pretty sure it depends on your grammar level as well. I started reading 少女終末旅行 untranslated (imported the volumes) around level 20 or so. But even then, you’ll still come across plenty of kanji you won’t be able to read, which is a good thing, it reminds you to keep going.
The feeling of being able to read recently learned kanji when you come across them while reading is great.


Thank you for your answer. It really has excited me for whats to come.

Where’d you go? Share photos? :smiley:

We’ve got a few book clubs here in the forums which might be helpful for you to join - though sadly, none of them reading any of the manga you’ve bought.

Thank you for the Book Club suggestions. I am definitely going to join them.

I took close to 1000+ pictures but ill show a few. Ill have to get my favorites together.

I went to Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Takayama and then back to Tokyo.


Ah, I know how hard it is to pick favourites.

There’s a few times on my most recent trip when I took more than a thousand photos in a day.

Sounds like you went to some nice places. And a few places that are still on my to-do list.

So they’ve fixed the train line to Hakone, then?

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It was up and running when i was there in September. The longest journey was takayama but super worth it.

Oh, you were there in September.

It didn’t get damaged until October. :slightly_smiling_face:

hehe my mind is such that my first thought on reading the title was “hmm I wonder how many of them are ecchi/hentai…”


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Note that looking up kanji that you see on paper is vastly harder than looking up kanji on your screen, even if what’s on the screen is an image, rather than text (which is generally the case for kanji).

To look up kanji that you see on paper, you can try guessing what it sounds like (you’ll get better at that as you master more kanji), or you can look it up by radical and stroke count. Or you can draw the kanji, in some apps, but you have to have the correct stroke order and count.

If you have text, you can just click and open the definition in your operating system’s dictionary. If you have an image on screen, you can use apps like iText (on the Mac) to use google OCR to turn the image into text, and then look that up in the dictionary.

Say Hello to Blackjack is a long manga series which has been released for free. I wrote about reading it here: JLPT N1 Self Study It might or might not be the kind of manga you want to read, but you’ll be able to read it much sooner than you will be able to read your paper manga.

I think you might be able to read it when you get into the 30s in Wanikani (assuming you also learn a lot of grammar, which is not taught by wanikani). I read the Blackjack manga series (looking up lots of unfamiliar words and kanji) in January of this year. Now I can read paper manga with very little need to look things up (I am reading Shigeru Mizugi’s Haisouki on paper).

Good luck!

If you’re looking for easier to read Manga for beginners, here’s a link I found to Yotsuba:

It’s geared to younger ages (with furigana on some of the kanji), but I still found it amusing. You can flip back and forth between the English and Japanese with a button. Very handy.


I have a Japanese keyboard app on my phone for which I can draw the kanji. I just open Jisho, switch the keyboard, and give it a go. 95% of the time it can figure out what I mean. Because sometimes the camera apps just seem to get confused, or the lighting isn’t just right, or it’s too stylized.

I have much worse luck with apps recognizing my drawing, probably because my handwriting is atrocious (in E as well as in J).

I would recommend to also use for grammar, it has helped me a lot to really understand it better.

Good luck!

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いぬやしき is a cool series which is easy to follow if you dont get it all. I left my collect back in Japan

I would have seconded that a month ago.
I’m using Yomiwa now, which is incredibly useful for reading more technical textbooks which aren’t available as ebooks.
Only downside is that I might be becoming too spoiled with it’s OCR function :sweat_smile:

So true, I was watching Radiant and the intro had some karaoke kanji I just learnt and I could sing along :slight_smile:

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