Resurrecting Burned Item Question

I know that I will forget some burned items, it’s bound to happen. I will sometimes do the “Extra Study” for Burned Items, but now that I have over 3000+ burned items, it’s not as feasible. I do have the API that allows me to quiz myself, I think it’s called “Self-Study Quiz” and also the AP for “Burn Manager.”

However, what I want to do is, if I want to resurrect an item for any reason, is there an easier way than searching WaniKani for that item and manually doing it or using the Burn Manager? I usually don’t have any idea which Level it was on to find it easily other than google it or manually search.


If you already know what item you want to resurrect, I think using the search feature would be the fastest way to get to the item page, and then there should be a resurrect button on that page.


It is at the very bottom of the page.


It would be nice if there was a Resurrect button somewhere on the review page when you fail an extra study kanji

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This - This is what I would like. I know where I can resurrect an item, but it’s bloody difficult to get to at that moment. I have to stop my review to go search for it to resurrect it.

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Or at least, some kind of option to resurrect certain items.
I’ve just recently started burning items and I feel good about the items, but… I feel like they should just toss them back in the review queue after six months or something - maybe just the kanji and vocab (no radicals).


Yep, that’s why I’m on my second journey to 60, need a bit of reinforcement on my burns.

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