Resources for Starting to Read Japanese Content

it’s worth it though. just look up the title in japanese for the search box and translate the page after searching. i managed and i can’t read either.


I thought BOOKOFF doesn’t really ship outside of Japan. Or did you use a proxy service as well?

I could swear I found an FAQ about it at some point but can’t seem to find it now.

EDIT: Here it is.

  • 海外に配送できますか

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Should probably say “does not ship outside of Japan”, then. Kinda weird to include it in there, IMO, since it pretty much requires another service, unlike the other ones on the list. At least maybe mention it clearly in the beginning with a separate category or something.

I wasn’t trying to be rude, just explaining why I didn’t know their overseas shipping policies :sweat_smile:


Alright, my bad. Screenshotting something (instead of writing) just gave off a bit of a condescending vibe. Maybe it’s just me.


I’m sorry. It truly wasn’t my intention, although I understand how it could appear that way. I was hoping the icon would help imply that I meant a mild, joking tone. I wasn’t doing really well with getting my thoughts out in English last night and should’ve turned in earlier.


For some reason, I’m not able to make an account on Book Off,

I am actually using more than 6 alphanumeric characters!

Edit : Oh, wait I am able to make it now! I think it was some bug then… :slightly_smiling_face:

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We have 3 Books Kinokuniya stores here in Singapore, but only one is good (the main store in Orchard street). The other 2 are quite small and uninteresting. The one in Bugis Junction does not even have any manga in Japanese! (However, they have manga translated into Chinese).

Why do you reply to posts that are years old? Are you that bored?

Why is there any time limit?

It’s just really weird. Most people don’t do that intentionally like you do.

Most people aren’t the pope.

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There’s a decent “Japanese short stories for beginners” bilingual book from Lingo Mastery (Japanese story first then paragraph by paragraph Japanese with English and then a short summary and Vocab list) that also has an audio book version spoken by a native Japanese speaker. The book has 20 short stories.

If you prefer ebooks though and use it on a tablet, you can purchase the audio book from audible and you get the PDF version to view through the app giving you access to both audio and visual reading.

They also do an intermediate level book “intermediate Japanese short stories” with 10 longer intermediate level short stories but that one has no English translation of sentences, only an English translation of the summary and vocab lists.

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