Resources for Starting to Read Japanese Content

I don’t think I mentioned it in this thread but the “Easy Japanese News” (Todai) app is also decent and available for both iOS and Android :+1:

Android: EASY JAPANESE NEWS やさしい日本語ニュース


@radish8 would you mind throwing up a link to Koohi since Floflo hasn’t been maintained in about a year and a half and this thread is pinned? There’s also this post in the thread that keeps track of what book club books are on Koohi and how to find them easily.


Oops yes, I kept meaning to do that. Thanks for the nudge and sorry for neglecting it :+1: will try to do it this weekend, so give me another poke on Monday if it’s not done.

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No rush :+1:

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I am about to start level 16 and want to begin reading, but I’m not sure where to begin. I’m also taking a Japanese conversation class as well as studying on my own. Are there suggestions for level appropriate readers? I know any material will require time, patience, and a good jisho, but what level of graded reader (or other material) would be a good start for someone at my level? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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only if there were an absolute beginner club, you could look at the nominations.

yotsubato is generally recommended. but you’re going to have to deal with “children speak”
しろくまカフェis easy if you ignore the avalanche of puns
少女終末旅行 if you can read kanji
one piece, if you’re into one piece
kumakumakumakuma if you really like the show and your will is made of steel

If you look under the graded reader section there’s a link to some free graded readers - you could take a look at those to judge the level that’s comfortable for you?

Otherwise it’s quite difficult to make suggestions, because your kanji knowledge really isn’t the main factor in what you can read - it’s much more about how much grammar you know, and to some extent how much vocabulary you have good recall of.

If you’re looking at buying anything native you will very often find that you can read the first few pages for free as a preview on eBook sites (even if you’re ultimately looking to buy a physical copy). That’s genuinely probably the best way to judge if a particular book/manga is going to work for you. I’d definitely look into what the book clubs have read in the past to give you some starting ideas :slight_smile:

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