Resources for advanced learners

I have reached what I guess is called the Intermediate Plateau and have had a hard time moving on from it. I am around a high N3 level, can read books/novels pretty easily, and watch 90% of Japanese content without subtitles. However, stuff like Keigo and pitch accent are some points I struggle with and want to expand on. I find it hard to find resources that are geared toward more advanced learners. If anybody has any resources they recommend with any more advances topics are ways to get past this stuck point, please share! Thank you!!

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I’ve bought advanced textbooks, but I feel like everyone kind starts finding their niche that gets them excited to study more.

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Sorry that was half of my response. Basically from here you’re on your own pal.

I’ve heard good praise about Dogen for things when it comes to pitch accent training, outside of that I would just suggest branching into listening to news or reading more scientific or keigo heavy articles like newspapers or googling basic news in Japanese? I’m not where you are yet, but this is some advice I’ve seen floating around in the forums. Good luck!!


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