Reset Vocab to Apprentice

There should be a big box on your Dashboard that says “Extra Study”, I would suggest this if you want to isolate certain things for study, perhaps in conjunction with a sorting and reorder script like Reorder Omega in order to go back and practice things you want to see again.

I don’t believe you can reset vocab without resetting your entire level, and while that works for some people, I don’t personally recommend it. I reset once and spent MONTHS feeling held back with all the stuff I either remembered, or jogged my memory quickly enough to find WK’s system restraining.

If you’re concerned about not remembering the vocab as it comes up, my suggestion would be to just allow the SRS system to take it’s course. If you miss a word, that’s fine - just study it for a few minutes and send it on. It’ll come back in it’s own time and if you don’t remember it then you can just study it again. Anything that doesn’t click in your memory quickly will drop naturally in the SRS stages on their own and you can work to relearn them when the intervals get closer together.

I also suggest settings that allow you to do the most recent reviews first. That way the reviews you’ve just studied will come back as soon as they’re available, instead of getting lost in a randomized backlog for days or weeks if you’re behind on reviews. On the iphone app Tsurukame, you can set the reviews setting to “Order: Newest Available First”, while I believe the script Reorder Omega calls it “Sort Type: Overdue Days”.

If you find trying to relearn every vocab in your reviews frustrating, you can just send them through wrong and not spend the time studying them right away. It helps separate what you know from what you don’t pretty quickly, and the worst that can happen is all those vocab fall back to apprentice anyways - exactly what you’d be doing if you reset. Then you can choose how fast to relearn them and progress forward.

Also, if you already have a huge pile of reviews, you might want to wait until you’ve worked your way through it, gotten your apprentice item count under control, and hit the first few big secondary waves before dumping a huge pile of unburned words on top of your current stack. From experience, it takes about a month or so to stop feeling like this:

Happy studying!