Reset to what level? Placement tests available?

I put WaniKani on vacation mode about a year ago. Every now and then until like September I’d set it back to active, do some reviews, and then put it right back on vacation mode.

Now I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot. I’d like to start back up again. I think the best thing for me to do is reset back to a previous level. I’m just not sure what level I should reset to.

Are there any online placement tests or anything that could tell me roughly what WK level I should be at?

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Your reviews are the placement test! :partying_face:


Advice that frequently gets mentioned is: (1) do a review session and evaluate if you’re comfortable there, if you are then great, don’t reset. But if not then (2) reset a set number of levels, 3, 4, 5, something like that, then repeat steps (1) and (2) until you land on the right level for you.


As a serial reset-er myself I second @Beyond_Sleepy 's advice, best to drop only a few levels, and then try it out for a few days at the least, dropping too many levels at once often seems liberating at first, but causes de-motivation in a lot of cases.


When I did a reset I figured the placement as follows.

  • I installed a reorder script and ordered my reviews by level, low levels come first.
  • I did my review until my results were bad.
  • No need to do all reviews in one go. I used to clock button to keep batches a manageable size.
  • I reset to the level of items that caused bad reviews

This procedure worked very well for me.

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Review ordering by Low levels first is native in Settings / App.

I my experience the native ordering is not enforced strictly.

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